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Release notes

Invotra 4.6

INVGOV-4.6 Release Notes

Release Date:  28th March 2018

Official Invotra release documentation for Invotra 4.6, which is to be released on the  28th March 2018.

No. of tasks: There are currently a total of 35 individual tasks in this release.

Release Components


There are no Projects in this release.


1. Ability to enable/disable login fields (reference: INVGOV-7433)

We have improved the quality of images by removing the ability to scale an image to fit the width of the container if the image is smaller than the dimensions of the container.

2. Invotra support user role and access (reference: INVGOV-7577)

We provided the Invotra support user role access to the Invotra support page and sub-pages and allowed the support role permission to access the configuration tracker page.

3. Remove redundant yml files (reference: INVGOV-7558)

We removed the release files for 42, Dorothy and the sc sites as they are no longer used.

4. Invotra admin login screen (reference: INVGOV-7549)

We created a  login page which is only be accessed by URL, and with no UI to access this page. 

5. Ability to set custom favicon for our site (reference: INVGOV-7533)

We have made possible for a brand manager to be able to set a custom favicon, through Invotra admin, to identify and distinguish the tab for the intranet by an icon users are more familiar with, such as the organisation’s logo.

6. Autocomplete fields (content) should include site section  (reference: INVGOV-7434)

We have added the  site section hierarchy to the auto complete fields dropdown and input field for content to distinguish between content with the same title.

7. Scaling images  (reference: INVGOV-7338)

We have improved the quality of images by removing the ability to scale an image to fit the width of the container if the image is smaller than the dimensions of the container.

8. Provide a way for people to work out the UUID & External_id of an entity  (reference: INVGOV-7320)

We have provided a way to work out the UUID & External_id of an entity.

Accessible Experience

There are currently no Accessible Experience tasks in this release.

Help / Documentation

There are currently no Help / Documentation tasks in this release.


*Bugs marked with an asterisk are relating to Live incidents

*9. Handling terms in profile preview (reference: INVGOV-7383)

We have fixed an issue with displaying a long term (name, job role, team or location) in the profile preview component which caused the name to wrap to the next line and push the items underneath.

*10. Capitals are being stripped from location results (reference: INVGOV-7382)

We fixed an issue with location search results which had been stripped of capital letters.

*11. Anchors are not immediately visible after selecting link to anchor (reference: INVGOV-7376)

We fixed an issue with selecting a link to an anchor where the page scrolled to the anchor but the anchor was only visible after a short delay.

*12. Custom Content requires additional theming in IE8 (reference: INVGOV-7318)

We have fixed an issue with custom content theming in IE8 by adding additional theming including adding a heading level label for the heading field, a link title checkbox and fixing issues with the heading level and title field overlapping.  

13. Section managers cannot restrict site sections (reference: INVGOV-7409)

We fixed an issue with permissions to restrict site sections, which were not being given to site section managers as expected.

*14. Avatars in notifications display as broken links if the user changes their profile picture (reference: INVGOV-7393)

We fixed an issue with avatars used in notifications which were displaying as broken links, if the user changed the picture before the notification was viewed.

*15. When an added media item is the first thing in a node, the JSON is outputted when the page is surfaced in a widget or my feed (reference: INVGOV-7391)

We fixed an issue with feed content teasers, which were incorrectly displaying images and JSON data added to the node body. 

*16. Login modal appearing with anonymous content PO and SSO enabled (reference: INVGOV-7389)

We fixed an issue with the login modal incorrectly appearing to users when the SSO and anonymous content product options had been enabled.

*17. Filters on feed/activity do not apply(reference: INVGOV-7387)

We fixed an issue with the time facets on the feed and activity stream which were not updating the results and filter messages when a new option or a date range was selected.

*18. DP Section Manager role (DP) – unable to unpublish sections or change template used (reference: INVGOV-7369)

We fixed an issue with the distributed publishing section manager role which was unable to unpublish sections or reset templates as expected.

19. Update dwp deploy module to hide my apps menu links (reference: INVGOV-7623)

We have hidden the ‘my events’ & ‘my polls’ menu links from the profile menu for one client.

20. Mention autocomplete information leak (reference: INVGOV-7612)

We fixed an issue with a possible mentions autocomplete information leak which allowed filtering by group and could have been used to discover the members of private or secret groups. 

21. Webmaster can change admin password through password reset (reference: INVGOV-7610)

We fixed an issue with the webmaster settings which allowed a webmaster to reset an admin users password by changing the users email address and using the password reset option.

22. Group Share a post and Post a poll links misaligned (reference: INVGOV-7608)

We fixed an issue with the Share a post and Post a poll links in groups which were not aligned correctly with one floating above the other on IE8.

23. Redundant link field (reference: INVGOV-7607)

We removed a redundant link field in the Promotion content type creation page, as there were two instances of the Link field, with the top one being redundant.

24. Elements looks cut on IOS 10.1 (reference: INVGOV-7451)

We fixed an issue with elements on the sign in screen on IOS 10.1 on Iphone 7, which were being cut off.

*25. The node Delete form is preventing user to delete the node if any of the mandatory fields are not populated (reference: INVGOV-7252)

We fixed an issue which made it impossible to delete a node without first entering a value for any missing mandatory fields.

26. Org users see feed items from restricted site  sections, or a new notification when a user they follow creates a node in a restricted site section (reference: INVGOV-7364)

We fixed an issue with the “New” lozenge being incorrectly displayed for My feed notifications when content was created by followed users in site sections with restricted access, which the notified user did not have.

*27. PIWIK Page Overlay Error (reference: INVGOV-7603)

We have fixed an issue with the Piwik page overlay functionality which wasn’t working due to the Content Security Policy rules and the X-Frame-Origins rules which blocked Invotra from being displayed within Piwik.

*28. Comment background colour too long/short (reference: INVGOV-7385)

We fixed an issue with the background on comments which extended too far up (on docs) or too far down (on posts) and did not fit the actual comment as expected.

29. SECURITY- “Invotra Ideas Home App View” widget displaying redacted user information (reference: INVGOV-7629)

We fixed a security issue with the profile information of redacted users being revealed to org users when a redacted user liked an idea.

*30. Badges not listed (reference: INVGOV-7627)

We fixed an issue with badges, with users belonging to a particular badge not being listed but all users being listed instead.


 There are currently no Performance tasks in this release.


 There are currently no Logging tasks in this release.

API/ Data Import

There are currently no API/ Data Import tasks in this release.

Automated Tests

31. Fix page access phpunit tests (reference: INVGOV-7616)

This task fixes issues with page access test data for Ideas Admin role.

32. Admin account settings page access. (reference: INVGOV-7615)

This task adds a unit test that checks that only the admin user is authorised to edit the account details page. 

33. Unit tests for brand manager & webmaster ability to change the favicon. (reference: INVGOV-7621)

We created unit tests for new functionality which allows a brand manager & webmaster the ability to change the favicon.

34. Unit test for section manager – publish/unpublish SS (Global & Site section). (reference: INVGOV-7599)

We created new unit tests for section mangers roles in both global & site section roles.

35. Restricted site section test. (reference: INVGOV-7539)

We created units tests to cover the permissions around restricting a site section.


There are currently no Search tasks in this release.


There are currently no Security tasks in this release.

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