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Release Note for v5.0.1

Confirmed INVGOV-5.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: 29 July 2020

We have released a total of 23 tasks, including 4 improvements, 14 fixes, 3 incidents and 5 internal tasks

Release components

New features and improvements

  • INVGOV-11147: Include the ability to map the manager field as part of Invotra Auth mapping

  • INVGOV-11571: Ability to remove the card component from custom content widgets

  • INVGOV-11574: Ability to specify minor/major revisions on content and add a revision log message. Also, configure whether or not end-users should be able to view revisions for some content types with a widget that can be displayed on the page

  • INVGOV-11520: Updated the user profile screen so that contact details are higher up the page and more accessible


  • INVGOV-11620: Tooltip not accessible via keyboard alone for select menus

  • INVGOV-11573: Hamburger icon on mobile is not adopting the branding colours

  • INVGOV-11572: Saved content not appearing in the saved content widget

  • INVGOV-11559: It’s not possible to access all of the message wall categories when there are more than 8

  • INVGOV-11546: The grid-style widget with ‘link to content’ enabled causes large spacing in IE11

  • INVGOV-11543: The gallery widget is not displaying as per design

  • INVGOV-11541: When ‘link image’ is applied in the simple style, some images do not fill the container

  • INVGOV-11540: GS17 mapping is incorrect and includes ‘rating’

  • INVGOV-11537: Minor rework on the manual crop to fix the modal in IE11

  • INVGOV-11518: The search order on files does not match before the 5.0 release

  • INVGOV-11516: The manual navigation widget was missing divider lines as per design

  • INVGOV-11483: JAWS not reading in a logical order on message wall homepage

  • INVGOV-11274: File icons are appearing stretched

  • INVGOV-11403: Card elevation for widget styles is not consistent

Incidents raised by customers

  • INVGOV-10992: Site section data in Matomo showing ‘Value not defined’

  • INVGOV-11251: Script ran to remove Manuals with empty titles


  • INVGOV-11563: ITHC- Web application cookies not marked SameSite

  • INVGOV-11398: ITHC- Missing HTTP security headers for API only

  • INVGOV-11570: ITHC- Update TLS version “Varnish-ALB”

  • INVGOV-11619: Remove a code reference to a file that has been removed

  • INVGOV-11010: Update some frisby modules for automated tests on the api