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Release Note for v5.1

Released on 12 August 2020 with a total of 92 tasks, including:

41 improvements
12 fixes
39 internal tasks

Delete all comments widget

As part of this release, we are introducing the first instalment of our ability to include externally hosted widgets that can be made available within the IPE. The widgets are hosted on a separate domain, within the same environment, posing no risk to the intranet itself.

These widgets are built using javascript and APIs to allow customers to introduce even more flexibility within the product for their specific needs. Please contact us for more information about how to introduce your own external widgets.

This widget provides a simple button that can be added to News pages to automatically delete all comments held on that news article.

The tasks related to this project are:

  • INVGOV-11438

  • INVGOV-11437



  • Allow managers to be automatically mapped using Invotra Auth via SAML claims

  • Allow webmasters to configure the welcome email for new users. This turns all emails into html based emails and opens the door for us to allow more email customisation in future

  • Introduces the ability to do rate limiting on the API to ‘x requests per second’. X is yet to be defined for each customer. This also contains 4 sub-tasks for implementation.


  • Gallery items widget not displaying as per designs

  • Manual crop always reverting back to the centre of the image

  • Some items are duplicated in My Content -> Rated

  • User profile card not appearing on the profile page

  • WYSIWYG options reverted after the 5.0.1 deploy

  • Mobile number should only be mandatory when MFA is enabled

Incidents raised by customers

  • Subscript and superscript styles not applying in the text editor

  • Not possible to drag and drop files to upload in IE and Edge

  • Some blocked users can still authenticate

  • Group post not displaying after being submitted

  • ‘site-section-path’ variable not set for some sections

  • Site section data in Matomo showing value not defined

Internal Tasks

  • Added a unit test for content widget titles to prevent regressions in future

  • Fixed a failing unit test

  • Include version.txt for both Drupal and Infrastructure codebase

  • Update internal_tenant_dns to be in defaults

  • Update unit tests for a customer moving from Vertx to Node

  • Update SimpleSAMLphp

  • Empty profile fixes

  • Upgrade node.js API

  • Remove NewRelic from live webheads

  • Enable ClamAV for all customers. This includes 1 implementation sub-task

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

Built on Drupal, our open source intranet software enables evolution – get in touch today!