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Release Note for v5.10

Released on Wednesday, 17 February 2021 with a total of 35 tasks, including:
1 improvement
24 fixes outside the projects
10 internal tasks


  • Primary buttons that should be Standard buttons or Text buttons


  • Linear progress indicator should be ‘Determinate’

  • Comments displayed in Feed and Notification messages on smaller breakpoints are displaying incorrectly

  • Functionality is across multiple pages

  • Sidebar images

  • Background image for sections does not apply to nodes

  • Webforms – Asterisks no longer show on some components that are set to required

  • Webforms – decrease in font size for ‘Fieldset’ component labels

  • Blog is being repeatedly unpublished by “Anonymous”.

  • Wrap text not working when viewing a webform

  • Manuals – duplicate subpage references preventing the required updates

  • Display of “Last edited” date in Ideas and Queries app not consistent with other fields

  • Layout – 1440 / 960 width not applied sections displaying a full browser width

  • Name of blocked user still appears in Invotra admin – Manage sections

  • Set invotra_html_headers_disable_client_side_caching variable to FALSE

  • Problem assigning other roles to users with Read-only

  • Queries Review Date emails are being sent to the author instead of the assignee

  • Accessibility issues: Aria labels on buttons

  • User import gets stuck – implementation without upgrading

  • Ideas creation title auto suggestion links do not work

  • Keyboard focus indicator isn’t a sufficient colour contrast

  • Make widget ‘View: Gallery items: Gallery items’ widget available for Gallery templates

  • Widget images not appearing in Chromium Edge

  • Administration: Taxonomy screens

  • Remove content field from solr_prototype_index index

Internal Tasks

  • Limit the amount of notification entities added to the queue per run

  • UT failures on Jenkins build

  • Remove message wall index feature

  • Refactor validation of a new manager for a user

  • Refactor how result card manage content is retrieved

  • Only perform file access rebuild on certain actions.

  • Solve DB import time

  • Drupal core – Critical – Third-party libraries – SA-CORE-2021-001

  • Drupal core – Critical – Third-party libraries – SA-CORE-2021-001 – Import process codebase

  • Unexpected token error in deploy log to PP

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