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Release Note for v5.11

Released on Wednesday, 3 March 2021 with a total of 67 tasks, including:

  • 3 projects

  • 38 tasks specific to Invotra Auth

  • 1 separate improvements and new features

  • 2 fixes outside the projects

  • 13 incidents and 10 internal tasks


Customise Page on Blogs and Message Wall

Customise two of Invotra’s most popular collaborative apps with the text and images that fully reflect your brand and content experience.

Closing Group Polls

Set the closing date on group polls so that users know when they need to share their opinion without missing the opportunity.

Add ‘More Link’ to all Widgets

Gives section managers the option to reveal more content if it is available, no matter what widget they select from the widget library.


  • Anchor point text UX improvement

In this release, we are also preparing the delivery for improvements to our login system — Invotra Auth. These are the tasks relating to that functionality. These changes are currently disabled and will be enabled in a subsequent release.

  • Login page text changes

  • Enter 6-digit MFA code

  • Forgot password page text changes

  • Branding spec for pages

  • Add help text for MFA form for lost/stolen device advice

  • MFA SMS only sent on presentation of a new device

  • Custom MFA changes – Implement review comments on initial version

  • Expired welcome email and temporary password refactor

  • Forgot password user flow

  • Branded banner and buttons do not update on the login page when primary colour is updated

  • Password validation not present when using forgot password

  • Logo is not applied from /admin/branding/logo-favicon page

  • Update placeholder text as only email should be used

  • When a new user is created, they are not prompted to change their password

  • ‘Sign in’ admin page is no longer needed

  • Update text on the password reset code page

  • Login page – In mobile view the logo does not have the correct padding

  • Error text is the incorrect colour on the login pages

  • Update login screen to cater for single sign on

  • 3-5 minutes Time Out of the login and forgot password screens is taking user to the Internal error page

  • Login/forgot password forms fit the width of the screen in IE11

  • The expiration time is inconsistent between reset password code and authentication code

  • Authentication code received twice on the log in process

  • Entered data overlapped by placeholder on the login/reset password form in IE11

  • Text displaying ‘Your password was updated successfully’ on other pages of sign in process on Invotra Auth

  • Verify and password screens

  • Starting Log In Screen

  • Starting Log In Screen – Unrecognised

  • Forgot Your Password – Multiple Screens

  • New User Creates New Password

  • Authentication Code Screens

  • PreProd custom mfa deploy issues

  • The hover/focus highlight on Corporate ID log in buttons is too large – Invotra Auth

  • “Internal server error” when a new user follows the ‘Forgot password?’ process – Invotra Auth

  • Logo not applying to Invotra Auth pages

  • An “Internal server error” is thrown if a user attempts to log in after the log in form has expired

  • MFA – SMS codes that start with 0 can not be entered

  • MFA – Adding logging to catch 500 error when resetting password


  • Create Message and Create Group not present when PWA Web Push is enabled

  • Subpage section entries being duplicated under the first section title

  • Misaligned page nav on unclick

  • Text displays below the video when adding to the WYSIWYG

  • Bullets are not correctly justified

  • Unable to create users via the import when the user running the import is included in the file

  • Can’t access the In-Place-Editor, options appearing in a black bar

  • Site section content displays incorrectly after entering and exiting the IPE

  • Bigger Font sizes (WYSIWYG)

  • MS Word content pasted directly using Paste button into the WYSIWYG should not include any MS Word tags and code

  • Too many items indexed when saving nodes after changing privacy of group.

  • Remove unused fields from indexes

  • Do not index all files immediately

  • Restricted Site section query

Internal tasks

  • File upload taking a long time because of virus scanner increasing CPU usage – run playbook for updating all servers

  • Error on DWP import-process site

  • Stop indexing all items for a given entity

  • Additional UT failures

  • Fix PreProd File Sync

  • Automate the solr rebuild

  • Remove utf8 migration of db from the integration deploy scripts

  • Pull rate limiting setting from Parameter store

  • Push nightly archive dumps of a site to s3

    Fixing CSS compile