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Release Note for v 5.13

Released on Wednesday, 14 April 2021 with a total of 28 tasks, including:

 2 projects with an additional 10 fixes relating to those projects
0 separate improvements and new features
1 fixes outside the projects
7 incidents and 8 internal tasks


Search People by Blank Job Title

For an intranet to be at its best, your users’ data and details need to be kept up to date. Invotra Intranet’s profile settings trigger so much of its essential functionality: Targeted content, search filtering, and permission-based access. Now, any user without a job title can be quickly identified using the people search category and updated.


Create Custom Layout

On top of Invotra’s comprehensive suite of 35 default layouts, you can now create up to 25 custom layouts with up to 10 rows in each. Custom layouts slot seamlessly into the new Edit Mode features, launched in 5.12, and let publishers deliver designs that match their organisation’s unique content vision and experience.


  • Unit tests failures on 5.13 release branch

  • Regression in Invotra path update URL

  • 504 stop indexing internal user memberships and message wall entities on user save

  • Move calculating indexing of related likes to queue instead

  • Solution for deleting multiple likes at once

  • Image Widget – Text wrap not aligned with the image when in a bespoke template

  • Layout – 1440px/960px width not applied to sections displaying a full browser width

  • Manual navigation widget text overruns the widget menu

  • Log in and log out PWA issue

Internal tasks

  • Remove redundant command from deploy

  • Enable external apps functionality for all deploy modules

  • Setup external app defaults

  • Add react app to automated deploy

  • Additional UT failures

  • External apps hard coded to ‘dev’ channel

  • Add API_VERSION to the node.js container’s environment variables

  • TaxonomyOptionMenu and Apps Unit tests failures on 5.13 branch

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

From accessibility to UI, security to enhanced social networking, our team are continually looking for ways to improve our intranet platform.

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