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Release Note for v5.14

Released on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 with a total of 89 tasks, including:

  •  1 project with an additional 28 fixes relating to those projects

  • 4  separate improvements and new features

  • 7 fixes outside the projects

  • 13 incidents and 14 internal tasks


Automated Groups Reporting

Keeping groups up to date and relevant has never been easier with Automated Groups Reporting, or ‘Manage Groups’ as it is called in the product.

Highlight and remove groups that haven’t posted anything in over a year, groups without any members, groups without an admin. Alternatively, don’t miss the most active areas on your intranet: Look at the number of members, admins, posts in the last 7 days, all the signs you need to know if something is popular and needs wider attention.


  • Include create and edit experience for mobiles

  • Improve the multi-row card style in widgets

  • Include ‘Make me the owner’ link and action to the owner field

  • Usability update for widget header styles styles


  • Review date calendar is cut off in the drawer in edit mode experience

  • No alert option or confirmation screen when deleting a manual with sub pages

  • Local section managers are unable to access the template field in subsections

  • Client Specific – Static content widget sticks on loading

  • Widget padding incorrect on new layouts

  • Redirect after removing the manual page broken

  • Scroll feature does not work for IPE drawer in IE11

  • Profile images for ‘Similar to your profile’ component is displaying with scroll bar

  • Published date for ‘Author and publishing date’ widget displays created date

  • Webform character limit on emails

  • Group post category select menu is inaccessible via scroll

  • H1 colour 87% opacity being applied

  • Widget body text trimming not working

  • An error occurs when a tag widget that references a term has been removed in Admin

  • Font colour for Group Post node view does not adopt branding colour

  • Multi-row card widgets displaying different summary font sizes for CTs

  • Clicking “More” button on Newsfeed results in Request-URL too long error message

  • Files widget styling issues

  • First story of news widget in carousel style not displaying in Safari

  • Remove “You are offline” from PWA

Internal Tasks

  • Update version of packages in Swagger, Node.js and Frisby code

  • Upgrade Node.js API version to latest version

  • Unit tests failures on 5.14 release branch

  • Disable MFA code on deploys

  • Create a new React Apps channel for projects

  • Add variable for importer ID

  • Drupal Core security update – sa-core-2021-002

  • Drupal Core security update – sa-core-2021-002 update for Import Process site

  • Drupal is not updating solr Group Poll sm_vote_count in the Frisby automated tests

  • Frisby tests has a schema error in feeds / topic

  • Frisby – Fix user-hidden-properties test

  • Add Firebase configuration to NodeJS

  • Swagger documentation – some EPs missing security object

  • Revert to ‘old’ Feed solution

Disabled functionality

As part of this release, we’ve included code for the Aggregated Feed Messages project in v5.15.

Aggregated Feed Messages

This project also includes the following bug fixes: 

  • Feeds page shows empty intermittently on the integration site

  • User profile update feed message is inaccurate when a user updates their profile multiple times

  • Client specific – New feed message lozenge is not disappearing

  • Feeds should display comment on content for the author

  • Remove unnecessary API calls

  • Styling issues with Feed for sites with footer

  • Content author link navigates to content rather than the author profile

  • Users are unable to open the most recent feed message on their feed page

  • If a user comments on multiple posts within the same group, only one feed message shows at a time

  • Feed messages for group poll actions result in “My feed” not loading

  • Preview of the website link does not display on the Feed screen when user creates new post

  • Updated comment feed message text does not match the design spec

  • Feed messages – Created date/updated date time stamps all display as 4 minutes past the hour rather than the actual time stamp

  • “Categories” filter shows on sites where the Notes/Categories options is not enabled

  • Adding a comment to a group doc stops new feed messages showing on “My feed” for users who would receive the feed message

  • Updated comment group feed message text does not match the design spec

  • When a groups manager edits a comment they are displayed as the author

  • Feed and Manage Groups not loading in IE on DWP device

  • Activity filter results do not filter correctly in My Feed

  • No spaces are shown for comments in feed messages with multiple lines

  • @mention display issues on feed messages