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Release Note for v5.15

Released on Wednesday, 26 May 2021 with a total of 46 tasks, including:

  • 1 project with an additional 9 fixes relating to this project

  • 2 improvements

  • 18 fixes

  • 16 internal tasks


Importer Project

The importer project lets you integrate your user management application with our API so you can manage user information between Invotra and your identity source, e.g. Azure.

Learn more about the importer project


  • User Node.js API endpoint to return only fields needed by Feeds React app

  • Add Ghostwriter role functionality for news articles


  • QA site indexing issues

  • AJAX errors / long saving times

  • Users can be created with the same external ID via the API

  • Client specific – Displaying “This page isn’t working”

  • Webmasters unable to access the edit and overflow options on the extranet homepage

  • Keyboard interactions for menus including the main menu is broken

  • Filtering for search for changes should behave the same way whether the ‘Return’ key or the dropdown menu option is used to search a term

  • Disabling a template should not revert existing content using that template

  • User management screen is blank after the RC deploy

  • Find people from directory – results don’t display all users

  • Group cards cannot be opened from the first pages of Group landing page results

  • Static content widget displays loading for new user

  • Client specific – Antivirus is unable to scan files, causing uploads to fail

  • Static content widget appearing intermittently on PreProd

  • Client specific – 502 on preprod API

  • Manage groups tab: NO DATA: SHOWING; ”Show changes in last 7 days for: Group status” filter

  • Local search widget: Search results for content uses old search URL

  • Deploy scripts – Change to varnish config rules

Internal Tasks

  • Performance tests did not run successfully on QA – 25/05

  • Errors thrown when running drush invotra-sass–install

  • Deploy scripts – Improve lock file handling on database snap

  • Client specific – Ensure import takes backup to correct location

  • 5.15 integration sites are not built from the right branches

  • Deploy scripts – Ensure when deploying that the drush cache folder exists

  • Revert to ‘old’ Feed solution – Code

  • Deploy scripts – Remove extra space in Invotraqa deploy code file

  • Deploy scripts – Ensure that subsites are deployed consistently

  • Deploy scripts – Fixes for subsites deploys

  • Deploy scripts – Speed up provisioning of Node for new tenants

  • Deploy scripts – Ensure a fast snap can only run when it is a PreProd deploy

  • Deploy scripts – Add additional error handling and ease of use to fast indexing

  • Deploy scripts – Ensure that when creating a snap for fast indexing that you do not overwrite an existing DB

  • Deploy scripts – Clear local storage as part of deploys to PreProd

  • Remove all references to Flash player