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Release Note for v5.16

Released on Tuesday, 22nd June 2021 with a total of 59 tasks, including:

  • 4 projects
  • 4 improvements
  • 34 fixes
  • 17 internal tasks


Clear Webforms Results

Extending content management powers to section managers. Now section managers can clear webform results to start a new round of data gathering without having to duplicate a webform.

Poll Content type to be section based

Extending content management powers to publishers, editors, and authors. Polls are now a content type so they can be easily edited by members of a section’s publishing team.

Accordion Function for WYSIWYG

Publishers can now create sections and snippets of content that can be displayed and hidden by the user. This makes content more interactive and easier to navigate, especially for text-heavy FAQs.

Aggregated feed messages

Messages appearing on a user’s feed will no longer repeat with every new interaction, such as a new comment. New actions on updates will be aggregated to make feeds quicker and clearer to digest.


  • Deploy Node and Drupal changes to DWP /alpha for load testing

  • Improved logging for apps

  • Load testing feeds aggregated on PreProd

  • WYSIWYG toolbar button accessibility issue – High contrast mode is not showing text buttons in Edge Browser


  • Design Issues on Accordion Function

  • High contrast mode accessibility – WYSIWYG button not displaying correctly in group post toolbar

  • Deleted content is hanging in the feed and giving a 404 when clicked

  • Ghostwriter feed messages – comments appear as if they were created/updated by the ghostwriter rather than the user they are ghost writing as

  • “My feed” is slow to load for the first time in a session

  • Local section managers are unable to delete individual submissions

  • Cannot add widget config on default channel

  • Multiple edited comment feed messages are not truncated

  • Feed & Manage groups not loading in IE on DWP device

  • Manage groups page does not populate for groups manager role (HO Preprod)

  • Updated comment group feed message text does not match the design spec

  • Updated comment feed message text does not match the design spec

  • Styling Issues with Feed for sites with footer

  • Remove unnecessary API calls

  • External user can’t access some API endpoints

  • Feeds app is making requests to the parent site, not the sub-site on which it is deployed

  • Feeds should display comment on content for the author

  • User profile update feed message is inaccurate when a user updates their profile multiple times

  • Feeds page shows empty intermittently on integration site

  • Feeds screen displays 0 data on the page

  • Feeds truncated project was not fully deployed to the integration sites

  • Cognito users lose password if email changes

  • Subsection of an unpublished section displays on the main menu when preview mode is disabled

  • ‘Delete’ option missing from alert dialog for manual page

  • Revision and workflow issues for content in various workflow states

  • Remove “You are offline” from PWA

  • Changing groups from Public to Private can on some occasions generate a 504 error

  • Workflow options for Section Publishers not available via the Workflow tab

  • Pasting from Word – keeps original colours form style sheet instead of Invotra ones

  • User Import failure notices need to be better

  • Sections Publishers/Section Editors are not receiving notifications when Workflow for content in their sections is updated

  • “Current Site Section” filtering not working for Featured content widget

  • External Users cannot view a Files Widget on the External users page

  • Only update path alias on certain actions

Internal Tasks

  • Update React apps to use API changes that fetch the required comment data

  • Use Drupal feed on 5.16 (i.e. Feed before Feeds Truncated)

  • Additional calls needed to fetch comment for none group content type nodes

  • Remove extra data api calls in feeds app

  • Switch the Feed to use React App – Manual steps

  • Update ckeditor library

  • Deploy Script – Truncate sessions table in Drupal on PreProd deploy scripts

  • Deploy Script – Allocate swap memory on the preprod webhead

  • Expand alb auth to allow mapping of names and phone numbers

  • Deploy Script – Fix CSS compiling for subsites

  • Ensure file support for subsites

  • Switch the Feed to use React App

  • Add additional properties to comment endpoint

  • Changes to the infrastructure to support the introduction of the Feeds project

  • 504 at /sites/all/themes/invotra_base/ i/user_placeholder.png

  • Remove not needed panel pages & mini panels from code base

  • Empty profile Jenkins build is failing

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