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Release Note for v5.17

Released on Wednesday,7 July 2021 with a total of 42 tasks, including:

2 improvements
17 fixes
6 internal tasks


  • Welcome email formatting for Gov Notify integration

  • Added a new category in the private API swagger for ‘Preview mode’


  • Slow file uploads in PreProd environments

  • Feeds message for content type referenced posts instead of content

  • Filter options were hidden until user begins to scroll, if a footer is enabled on the site

  • API /users EP incorrectly returning empty string properties

  • Groups were still showing after being deleted

  • Webform text area height was not being applied

  • Padding for page title issue on content type screens

  • Custom Layout – Grid style widget font size was larger when using a custom layout

  • When Org Chart showed 3 users on the top level it spilled over into a second row

  • Users were unable to delete a Team with no members or admins

  • When updating content changes in revisions, it updated earlier revisions

  • Padding on Headings in WYSIWYG was not responding as expected

  • Content was getting locked for editing by someone who doesn’t have access to edit it

  • Selecting more than 1 Revision and hitting “Unpublish Current Revision” caused AJAX

  • Changing groups from Public to Private can on some occasions generate a 504 error

  • Sections Publishers/Section Editors are not receiving notifications when Workflow for content in their sections is updated

  • Grade import returning erroneous error

Internal Tasks

  • Stop crashing issues with Solr search engine

  • Update PreProd Solr servers infrastructure

  • Section roles cannot see ‘Schedule content’ on edit page

  • Deploy Script – Truncate sessions table in Drupal on PreProd deploy scripts

  • Node.js API – Upgrade to packages

  • Switch the Feed to use React App

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