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Release Note for v5.19

Released on Wednesday, 18th August 2021 with a total 39 tasks, including:

  • 3 projects

  • 2 improvements

  • 28 fixes
  • 9 internal tasks


Badge Manager Role

Distribute badge management across your workforce with the new badge manager role. Now you can empower individuals to create, manage and distribute badges without the need for your webmasters to manage it all.

Section Specific Previewer Role

The previewer role is now section-specific meaning that you can allow stakeholders to preview specific sections without providing access to the wider intranet.

Cloning a widget

Build entire sections at speed with the new ‘Clone widget’ functionality. You can now clone an entire widget and it’s configuration with a single click allowing you to design your sections and content at pace.


  • Drawers on Manage content and Files to be responsive

  • Updated the owner, author and updated date filters on the manage content screen


  • BO widgets showing in widget library

  • Dismiss button does not fit into its allocated space after Widget cloned on DFT Preprod 

  • Quick links not fully adopting colour chosen in branding settings

  • Anonymous user is not in Autocomplete list of the Author field in the Files page

  • Hover-over on the table is duplication of the work in the table

  • Unit test failures on 5.19 release branch

  • Empty profile Jenkins build fails on 5.19 branch

  • ‘Nil’ topic shouldn’t be included on the Feeds endpoint

  • To many redirects when using SSO  as a blocked user

  • Widgets should not adopt Heading style colour

  • Unable to clone a blog – Drupal error

  • Count not working for likes and comments on feed messages

  • PWA displaying old content

  • Webform widget headings font size is too big

  • Text cursor inaccuracy when @mentioning users in body field in blogs

  • Increase the frequency of Matomo weekly archiving to twice a week on DfT environments

  • “Site Section Membership” admin tool unavailable in HO

  • Problems with DWP preprod 5.19

  • React apps are empty on DFT Preprod

  • Error message while performing Bulk Action on post

  • Drupal services – delete manual page status 500

  • Manual pages being classed as Manuals

  • Add required parameters & request/response properties

Internal Tasks

  • August 2021 Security Releases

  • Upgrade Node.js API version to v12.22.4

  • Drupal Core security updates

  • Set invotra_services_token consistently

  • API Key becoming incorrect on DfT PreProd

  • Do not reindex nodes that are about to be deleted

  • Create drush command to signing out all users from  cognito

  • Upgrade Matomo to the latest version

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

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