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Release Note for v5.2

Released on Wednesday, 26 August 2020 with a total of 73 tasks, including:

3 improvements
46 fixes
b internal tasks

Notify integration

Invotra now integrates with Notify, the UK Government’s notification service that lets users create and send emails, text messages and letters. Dedicated to central government, local authority and NHS organisations, Notify will be available to all of Invotra’s public sector customers. Take advantage of Notify’s customisable templates, performance dashboards, as well as the manual or automated send function that give users live updates on sending, sent and failed deliveries.

The tasks related to this project are:

  • Notify integration

Filter drawer

The filter draw, which features in all search results pages, app pages, and workplace pages (My Content and Manage Content) has been slimmed down to reduce the cognitive load for users. The action buttons have also been re-written to be consistent and clearer.

The tasks related to this project are:

  • Left-hand filters are too distracting

New Features

  • Notify integration


  • Improved UX at login for password selection and save

  • Improved logging and metric reporting

  • Left-hand filters, including actions buttons, have been re-designed


  • Correct handling of notifications for ‘Request to join’ a group in the Node.js API

  • Large file uploads resulting in 504 errors

  • Link image option within specific tag widget

  • Create space between ‘Promoted search result’ and first natural search result

  • Edit file name after uploading an attachment

  • Header tag size not displaying correctly on card component

  • In the group filter, a blank checkbox appears above ‘All’ checkbox

  • Unpublished content is now indicated

  • Section text displayed on widget adjusts to column size

  • No more errors when creating a poll in a group with specific text results

  • The app no longer crashes when a user adds a comment to a group

  • The app no longer crashes when a user searches people or when they go to members in a group

  • No more log out errors in the console

  • No more errors when a user archives content

  • UIWebView error is preventing building the mobile app in TestFlight

  • A password that does not meet the security criteria is now prevented

  • Profile images now have empty alt text

  • Rounded corner widget and region style updated

  • Filters are no longer missing an accessible name

  • Removed invalid ARIA role

  • Fixed problems with notifications and feeds for items posted via API

  • Comments no longer truncate too early when there is an @mention

  • In the mobile app, the cursor no longer resets to the start of post

  • Fixed drag and drop table row weight issue

  • Drupal file uploaded filename not in Solr “ss_name”

  • Added div wrapper to content type widget title and fixed other unit test failures

  • Fixed SSO failure from the mobile app in company’s environment

  • Fixed node API for a customer’s integration.

  • Fixed slow file uploads for two of our customers’ PreProd environments

  • Fixed the failing empty profile Jenkins build

  • WYSIWYG options have been reverted after 5.0.1 deploy

  • Fixed error message when adding a new user via user management

  • User gets access denied after initial sign up using MFA

  • User initials appearing on default profile pictures

  • User management screen isn’t updating

  • Missing accessible names

  • Status messages not programmatically determined

  • Focus order

  • Users receiving content review emails although node is unpublished

  • Webform owner not able to edit Markup

  • Search highlight enabled when partial term used

  • Engagement statistics include block users

  • User not appearing in user management when in an unpublished team

  • INC1488192 – Some blocked users can still authenticate

  • Add logging to track specific customer importer failure due to ansible error

  • 504 when attempting to merge job roles

  • Cannot open posts in a new tab from the Feed

  • Stuttered scrolling when in IE

  • Posts that are accessed from someone’s activity feed shows there email address not their name

  • Webform – Select options label still visible when should be hidden by conditions

Internal Tasks

  • Add try/catch to mobile app’s HTML parser

  • Additional moving configurations, assets required for Android

  • Node.js API – PUT Endpoints can not clear parent

  • The current @react-native-community/netinfo lib brings errors

  • 1.0.58 Mobile App Release (INVGOV-11118)

  • Mobile app 0.63 React Native QA regression testing

  • Functional testing on 1.0.58

  • Step 2 – Install all dependencies within the mobile app codebase

  • Step 5 – Dev regression testing on mobile app upgrade

  • Disable client-side caching of Drupal pages

  • Step 3 – Fixing unsupported code issues

  • Step 4 – Moving configurations, assets
    invotra_entity_tracker_add_record performance issues

  • Your Matomo codebase is running the old version 3.11.0 – Upgrade to Matomo 3.14.0

  • API logging endpoint from FE

  • Cache invotra_distributed_publishing_get_users_sections

  • ‘Node being viewed’ image widget: Image style update

  • DevOps – Cloud watch integration for API logging

  • Capturing user phone numbers for MFA

  • Node.js – Group Permission tests started failing in NINJA-4.44 onward

  • Fix automatic deletion in Frisby tests

  • One permission missing from unit tests on specific customer build

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