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Release Note for v5.20

Released on Wednesday, 8th September 2021 with a total of 30 tasks, including:

  • 3 projects

  • 5 improvements

  • 17 fixes

  • 3 internal tasks


Group Description on Feed Joining Notification

  • Webmaster or a Group manager can set appropriate feed notification styles for the group members

  • Group members can see appropriate feed notification for new members joining the group

Blogs Widget Multiple Authors and Blogs

  • New Multiple Blog widget added to the product

Bulk Operations

  • Bulk Operations project is a huge improvement to the existing Manage Content and Files screens


  • Change ‘Notifications’ labelling on Manage Groups screen

  • PWA offline detection

  • Change default landing page on authentication with simplesamlphp_auth module to be homepage

  • Prohibit ‘clear webform results’ operation for app webforms

  • Replace on-site user creation with pre-defined UID


  • Blog widget not pulling through blogs with some authors

  • Group manager is not able to change notifications for all groups

  • ‘None’ notification option showcases notification for ‘Full description’ option

  • In Manage Content / Files the sort order for Owner/Author/section is not displaying correctly

  • Section publisher cannot perform bulk actions

  • Solr and API issues on preprod

  • Grafana does not display Customer PreProd index status

  • Search in Manage Content not working for files and content

  • Authors and editors are able to publish promotions

  • Unable to change text colour

  • Title appearing for organisational users

  • Blocked users activity is displaying in feeds

  • Cannot switch back to default once a custom option is selected

  • Email notification issue on webmaster tickets

  • Unable to download the last user import CSV file

  • Video alignment not working

  • Lozenges appearing as links

Internal Tasks

  • Update the Ansible scripts for deploys

  • Remove user from distribution list

  • Add support for multiple Firebase backends in our AWS environment

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