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Release Note for v5.21

Released on Wednesday, 29th September 2021 with a total of 39 tasks, including:

  • 3 projects

  • 9 improvements

  • 19 fixes

  • 8 internal tasks


Group Description on Feed Joining Notification

  • Webmasters and Group managers can configure group notifications so that they can set appropriate feed notification styles for group members

  • Group members can set appropriate feed notifications for other group members joining the group

Blogs Widget- Multiple Authors and Blogs

  • Webmasters, Global Section Managers and Local Section Managers can select a variety of Blog Author and/or Blog Titles and/or Tags within one widget, so that a set of related Blogs are presented for end users to consume in one place

Bulk Operations

  • Bulk Operations project is a huge improvement to the existing Manage Content and Files screens


  • Change checkbox buttons to radio buttons in drawer

  • Allow selection of multiple options in blog widget

  • Update Blog app style

  • Add rating/Tags (5 stars) to the new Blogs widget

  • Ability to add profile image to ‘Author and published date information’ widget

  • Update alert messages/drawer for Sub sections and content of unpublished sections

  • Add published date to search facets configuration for Content

  • Add API endpoints

  • Allow users to view PDF files in browser


  • Unable to paste into WYSIWYG

  • Blog widget missing Show more link

  • Blog widget appearance issues

  • Blog widget pulling through another unrelated Blog

  • Main menu text display issues

  • Api not working for 5 star rating

  • API feeds required properties missing

  • Sort order for Owner, Author and section is not displaying correctly

  • Cannot change the author on manual page

  • Additional “Add user” button is shown on user management page

  • Regression with pasting from Word after latest release

  • Applying filters to a local search reverts to a global search

  • Header font size not inheriting the admin, branding and font size settings

  • HTML character code for an apostrophe appears in the title

  • Improve messaging for unverified IP addresses

  • Safari Browser 14.1 giving errors

  • WYSIWYG indent button being greyed out

  • ‘Manage Content’ not allowing users to sort ordering

  • Organisational user cannot like a post

Internal tasks

  • Ensure that PDF export product option is not disabled in AWS deploy mode

  • Upgrade API version to latest version

  • Update swagger git build action

  • Fix unit test failures

  • Index Integration sites

  • Fix empty profile Jenkins build

  • Deploy cleanup

  • Ensure schema validation passes