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Release Note for v5.24

Released on Wednesday, 1st December 2021  with a total of 29 tasks, including:

  • 8 improvements

  • 14 fixes

  • 7 internal tasks 1st December 2021 


  • Update style options for Primary Category and General Topic widgets

  • Update message and links for email notification

  • Update admin link and page title for ‘Add to homepage’ screen

  • Ability to search for mobile numbers in user management

  • ‘Confidential submissions’ option on webforms

  • Broadcast improvements

  • Introduce new Twitter widget

  • Ability to import users with the read only role


  • Replace time() by REQUEST_TIME in poll closing date field

  • 409 conflict errors received when creating users via the API

  • Notice is displayed on the content page after adding a general topic

  • User with read-only role is not visible in user related menus

  • Unit test failures on 5.22 release branch for InvotraRssTest

  • Content Reviewers not receiving notifications when ‘List’ content reaches its review date

  • Cannot delete empty folders in groups

  • URL of manual page does not update automatically when changed

  • Unable to filter site sections in manage content

  • Images missing from feed

  • Duplicate name error

  • Unable to apply filters in Invotra iOS app

  • Cap number of rows returned from solr in api calls

  • Mobile number field should accept numeric characters and ignore non-numeric characters

Internal tasks

  • Upgrade Docker Matomo image to use PHP 7.4

  • Reduce Redis data to only be held for maximum session time – node.js

  • Update various packages used by the Invotra repository

  • Update Clamav version to 0.103.4

  • When a messagewall post is deleted, a solr commit is deleted from solr_prototype_messagewall

  • Php unit test failures on 5.24 release branch

  • Upgrade Matomo to the latest version (v4.5.0)