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Release Note for v5.26.1

Released on Friday, 23rd February 2022 with a total of 11 tasks, including:

  • 1 project

  • 10 fixes

  • 1 internal task


  • Invotra Auth implementation and release


  • User entering the 6 digits code incorrectly for 6 times is not seeing the expected error message

  • Welcome emails not being set to ‘unauthorized’ users after welcome email expires

  • User logging in via welcome emails getting internal server error

  • MFA and SMS Not working on preprod

  • Auth site doesn’t respond intermittently

  • IT Support URL field doesn’t accept any URLs

  • Unable to proceed after entering incorrect MFA code

  • New user unable to login

  • 401 Error when creating a new user on Preprod Auth

  • Log in via SSO issue 561 Authentication error

Internal tasks

  • Ability to see what custom mfa tag is deployed on a given site