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Release Note for v5.27

Released on Friday, 9th March 2022 with a total of 27 tasks, including:

  • 6 improvements

  • 17 fixes

  • 4 internal task


  • Better UI around open polls

  • Update quick links menu title to ‘Useful links’

  • Raise maximum name length

  • Add an ‘Open poll’ option for group polls

  • Update “Empty profile config” to “Empty user profile field config”

  • Introduce widget to pull in latest group posts and group polls from a single gro


  • Inaccurate results when searching or filtering by ‘Badges’

  • AJAX error appearing on staff directory team chart

  • Unable to attach video in Multimedia without SMI file

  • Feed importer logs inaccuracy

  • Authname included in the API payload shouldn’t add user to invotra_cognito_sync_cognito_map table

  • Members being removed and placed in an awaiting approval limbo again

  • Duplicate warning message displays each time an image from the create badge page is added or deleted

  • Add script to push forward review date of unpublished content

  • Manage Content – User should be able to filter by ‘Content Type’

  • Banner widget – Unable to delete or crop an image

  • Banner widget – Underline color for links should be the same as the font color

  • Banner Widget – Image upload and standard image upload sizes should be the same

  • Mobile app – Modal windows missing components in iOS app

  • Mobile app – Focus order issues

  • Mobile app – Success messages not announced to VoiceOver users

  • Mobile app – Unable to access top nav child sections in mobile/narrow view

  • Mobile app: Options on images/files on group post are not accessible by keyboard/voiceover interaction

Internal tasks

  • Drupal core security update

  • Upgrade Node.js packages

  • Jenkins builds failing at ‘get phpunit results’ stage

  • Some images missing from Jenkins builds due to unit tests