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Release Note for v5.3

Released on 9 September 2020 with a total of 44 tasks, including:

7 improvements
26 fixes
10 internal tasks

Content review

Have the ability to make content reviews mandatory for content types. It’s a useful way to ensure content is always up-to-date, accurate and relevant. It also acts as an automated unpublisher of content if the review date passes without being reset. Can choose the content types that feature the mandatory content review field and the rest is up to the content creators.

The tasks related to this project are:

  • Webmasters will choose which content types require review

New features

  • Create and update Group Docs via API


  • Change language to simplify user experience and ensure consistency

  • Table headings make the sorting functionality more obvious

  • Changed ‘Add new pane’ tooltip to ‘Add widget’

  • Improve UX and UI of left-hand filter drawer in Manage Content, My Content, Apps, Search…

  • Improve help text in Group Doc

  • Hide private group members from non-members

  • Add hyperlinks into the broadcast message

  • Webmasters will choose which content types require review

  • Enforced content review PO update

  • API updates – review date


  • Fixed assertions for ‘Users error responses’ tests

  • Drupal file uploaded filename not in Solr “ss_name”

  • Node.js API – 4 EPs not implementing offset / limit

  • Node.js API – 500 Error when POST / PUT totally invalid JSON

  • Fixed the way links work with colour

  • Fixed line breaks in Group Posts not working as expected

  • Module is now enabled on empty profile build

  • API remove event taxonomy endpoints

  • Editing an uploaded image no longer hangs on a white screen

  • Search bar – additional cancel icon shown on the search bar

  • Unit test failures on CRC project branches integration build

  • Mandatory content review has stopped working on Blogs

  • Content review is not being enforced for Blogs

  • Squashed replies in comment threads

  • INC1488192 – Some blocked users can still authenticate

  • Appearance of the purple secondary colour on the file edit screen

  • Wrap text on webform not working

  • INC1517324 – Horizon webmaster ticket editing post-5.0

  • Images gallery is showing ‘N’ and ‘P’ next to forward/back arrows

  • Issue with ampersand in Quick Links menu

  • Can no longer see who has liked a blog or news article

  • News widget sorting first 2 items incorrectly

  • ‘Add Member’ button in section ‘Manage’ screen is misaligned

  • Notifications of a reply to a comment aren’t linked

  • Deselecting ‘Image’ in the Multi-Row Card Style doesn’t remove the image

  • INC1526948 – Unable to delete page

  • INC7441954 – Apostrophes and ampersands display in search results (again)

  • Unable to access replies

  • New updated files are not replacing existing files in the attachment widget

  • Groups landing page – The Group filter drawer is cut off at the top of the page

Internal Tasks

  • ckeditor security update

  • Remove forum and advanced forum

  • Reset to alphabetical button

  • Remove invotra_my_workplace module

  • Remove questions and events

  • Change ‘Settings’ breadcrumb to Invotra admin

  • Widget settings – Title changes

  • Security issue

  • UT improvements and coverage

  • MFA enabled for Federated login

  • Widget settings – Title changes

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