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Release Note for v5.32

Released on  29th June 2022 with a total of 11 tasks, including:

  • 2 projects

  • 6 fixes

  • 3 internal tasks


  • E-Commerce

    • Replace current SharePoint / Worldpay E-commerce platform, with a like for like WorldPay facility new Invotra Intranet

  • Personalised Policies

    • Create, edit, approve and clone Master Policies


  • Users (in Cognito) are being resent temporary password

  • Users with the redacted role can’t see or use react apps

  • Widgets not lining up

  • Email notification not received

  • User unable to delete their own blog

  • Related document titles are truncated

  • Bulk Update – Better messaging for “drupal / json validation failure”

  • ‘More Link Text’ in Promotions Widget not working

  • Remove upload file preview options for non-image files

  • Footer configuration updateDisappearing Lists for ‘Site section’ and ‘Content’ types

  • Manual pages missing parent manual from navigation

  • Archiving sections does not remove them from the navigation widget or main menu

  • Editors should not be able to publish/revert content

  • Links not made using WYSIWG functionality not adopt colors

  • Mobile App: Side panel functionality query

Internal tasks

  • PreProd indexes not at 100%

  • Update usernames post fix

  • Update memory limit for app store