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Release Note for v5.34

Released on Wednesday, 10th August 2022 with a total of 25 tasks, including:

  • 2 improvements

  • 16 fixes

  • 7 internal tasks


  • Read reporting for previously confirmed policies

  • Clear basket on checkout


  • Order confirmation – decimal places / extra comma

  • Preview images too big in e-commerce widget

  • Any widget added next to Easy List widget is not aligned

  • Description text changes colour when Easy List widget added

  • Display Summary text is not indented as per the other box text

  • Emails not being sent to some users

  • Read reporting results extending off screen

  • On the User Management screen, some users details are duplicated in results

  • Remove validation to allow ‘unauthorised’ users to be sent welcome emails unless they are set as ‘blocked’ (Invotra Auth)

  • Cannot delete teams on The Nest

  • User should not be able to make themselves their own manager via User importer

  • Narrator doesn’t read out bulk operations messages

  • Deleting site sections with preview mode returns AJAX error

  • News widget arrows move up/down when switching between articles on smaller breakpoints

  • After opening an attached file there is no way to navigate back to the IntranetVoice over reads Links out from main screen when the side menu is open in Mobile app

Internal tasks

  • Add try catch block to anywhere we are calling idpSp()

  • Upgrade packages in React apps dependencies

  • Views Bulk Operations module – PHP 8.0 compatibility

  • Rules module – PHP 8.0 compatibility

  • Add drush command which adds user & password in cognito

  • Upgrade packages used by invotra-pwa-wrapper-app

  • Grafana Updates