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Release Note for v5.36

Released on Wednesday 2nd November 2022 with a total of 43 tasks, including:

  • 1 Project

  • 32 fixes

  • 10 internal tasks


  • Custom Tours implementation


Custom tours:

  • Unable to navigate to other tasks after adding widget (Task Checklist Widget)

  • Staging PR to invotra-app-store with Custom Tour changes does not build

  • ‘Profile completion indicators’, ‘Task checklist’ and ‘Points on page overlay model’ widget is not appearing on customer preprod

  • User does not have a profile image but still shows as complete (Profile Completion Indicators)

  • Override title appears to be as ‘Induction Intranet Tour’ and checkboxes under ‘Target’ tab not appearing as expected (Slideshow overlay modal)

  • Crop functionality does not work as expected (Slideshow overlay modal)

  • New users and all the task checklist created are not displaying in the table (Induction Progress reports)

  • Point on page dropdown is not as expected (Points on page overlay model)

  • ‘Don’t remind me again’ checkbox doesn’t work

  • Crop on modal widget not behaving on some images


  • ‘Description above Field’ checkbox doesn’t apply to multiple webform components

  • ‘Description above fields’ checkbox not applying to description of “number” field in a webform

  • Error when creating/editing content with no countries term data

  • Import failing to run – Profiles not showing job roles (customer specific)

  • Error when accessing account settings (customer specific)

  • Error when attempting to upload a file to feeds user importer

  • Error when creating/editing content

  • E-Commerce widget no longer calculating VAT

  • Errors when downloading the results on webform

  • Deleting a team

  • Unable to set a user’s line manager via the API

  • OpenGraph (Link preview) display is broken when viewed in Group widget

  • Users should not be able to add themselves to the same team more than once

  • Root level navigation not displaying in order

  • Root Navigation widget is still displaying archived sections on sub-sections

  • Number component description is duplicated in Webform

  • Internal and External links in the banner widget

  • Pagination on Manage Members

  • Mobile voiceover focus on search results screen

  • Within user management, search by team does not work

  • Error 502: Bad gateway on feeds user import

  • Fix for ReadConfirmation

Internal tasks

  • Add delay to patching script – P1 Mitigation

  • Fix fast indexing

  • Drush issue on 5.36 RC1 deploy

  • Add claim map fields for external cognito pool

  • HO preprod deploy error

  • Improve deploy check script by adding import process tag

  • Fix nodejs tests and scripts in package.json

  • Update Clamav version to 0.103.7

  • Add SMS alerts on Deploy error

  • Fix Read only user numbers