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Release Note for v5.38

Released on Wednesday 11th January 2023 with a total of 25 tasks, including:

  • 18 fixes

  • 7 internal tasks


  • ‘Read Reporting not showing confirmation on ‘All Content’ Widget

  • Multi row card display breaks when displaying general topic labels for a list widget

  • Easy list widget opens links in other tab

  • Error for webmasters loading post node pages
    invotra_solr_index not reverting causing inconsistencies in Custom Tour widget behaviour

  • After import user unable to bulk delegate roles

  • 401 Authorization Required Message when user does not authenticate within 15 minutes

  • Suggestions do not match the words entered in the Internal content option

  • Deploy log showing warnings during the deploy of v5.35-RC5

  • Selecting edit or ‘…’ no longer displays further options and widgets not displaying as expected

  • ‘Manual Subpages’ widget appears twice in widget library

  • Adding a list of manual pages to a manual page template for navigation

  • New search does not reset to first page of results

  • Toolbar covering some text in preview mode

  • Blog ‘ghost-writer’ blogs reverting from published to draft on save

  • The main navigation bar disappears when a user selects People Finder from the navigation bar

  • Badge summary results does not mirror actual results

  • Narrator doesn’t read out autocomplete box until user tabs into it

Internal tasks

  • Unable to upload files after latest RC

  • Fix CSS Permissions

  • Issue with automated deploy for v5.38 RC1

  • CLOUD: 1.1.4

  • Fix frisby tests for nodejs api

  • Upgrade Node.js API version to latest version – September 2022 release

  • Frisby tests for drupal doesn’t clean test entities