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Release Note for v5.4

Released on 23 September 2020 with a total of 72 tasks, including:
6 improvements
46 fixes
19 internal tasks

Progress indicators

  • It is now clear when a page or a component is loading. More details TBC

The tasks related to this project are:

  • Feedback for users: Progress indicators

New Features

  • Webforms API Endpoint


  • Feedback for users: Progress indicators

  • Created date and updated date widget updates

  • Apply text field states when adding, editing or replying in a comment form

  • Group Docs create screen toolbar issue and WYSIWYG issues

  • Make Taxonomy create screens consistent with Node create screens

  • Search screen chip order


  • Workbar logo missing alt text

  • Keyboard trap in section menu

  • Delete all comments’ app does not work when the Section moderator role comes from a parent section (cascading roles)

  • Drupal Services – Taxonomy user_category status 500 when change published status to true

  • Page Title Element

  • Feed results should be a H2 instead of a H4

  • Sortable table columns
    Hidden search button that is focusable

  • < fieldset > elements without a < legend >

  • Duplicate ID’s for tabs and tab panel

  • Empty heading tags

  • Icons have hidden text that is not meant for reading

  • Empty table headers

  • Heading level skipped

  • Message wall title is a <div> element when it should be a <h1> element

  • Hidden image text using the person’s initials

  • Profile image on the profile page has a title attribute

  • The breadcrumbs display is broken on pages with

  • Left-hand filters in IE11

  • Remove nonexistent fields from the invotra_solr_index feature

  • Fix issue with access to the Template and Restricted fields on the Site section page and other UT failures

  • HTML structure on search pages is invalid

  • If a field is missed when creating a piece of content users are unable to save the content

  • Fix customer importer failure due to ansible error
    504 when attempting to merge job roles

  • Customer unable to download the export to csv file

  • Customer specific – import email notifications

  • INC7438506 – Space missing between Promoted search result and first search result

  • Group – Different text sizes used in groups

  • INC1526940 – Unable to use ‘hide image on mobile’ option

  • Accessibility keyboard issue for Group post and poll buttons

  • Anchor links are stripping out formatting on headings.

  • Section Section managers don’t have access to Author text format

  • Remove calls to node.js API which query redacted users

  • WYSIWYG – larger fonts displayed in the WYSWYG than in the published

  • Webform conditionals breaking with ‘Page break’

  • Duplicate entries when clicking ‘Post’ multiple times

  • Bullet Point issues

  • INC7471608 – Accessibility homepage widgets image alternative text not being displayed

  • INVI-3587 – Users not being signed into customer site when using Chrome

  • Webforms – Select options list box question and styling

  • Unable to save profile without a mobile number due to ‘Invalid phone number’ error

  • Search filters overlapping results on Chromium Edge

  • Emails are not being sent out via Notify

  • The ordering of news widgets has been impacted by the 5.3 release

  • 5.4 Integration issues on IE

  • Drupal Services – Can’t comment as org user

Internal Tasks

  • ‘Node being viewed’ image widget: Image style update

  • My content – Update Content type ‘Site sections’ to ‘Section’ in table

  • Change text associated with quick links menu in Admin

  • Manage content – Section component – Placeholder text

  • Change text associated with ‘Site sections’ in Administration

  • Change text in footer page in Administration

  • Fix two typos in My Content empty state card for Save content

  • Change ‘Invotra admin’ to Administration

  • Remove ‘My workplace’ from the breadcrumb

  • Change breadcrumb and URL to reflect Manage content page

  • Change text associated with primary menu in Administration

  • Customer importer changes

  • Delete all AWS ALB cookie

  • Fix the Ansible SSH errors

  • Make the logout link configurable

  • Css not building on Preprod & Live

  • Make PWA app icon customizable

  • UTs don’t work on Jenkins builds

  • Empty profile Jenkins build is failing

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