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Release Note for v5.5

Released on 7 October 2020 with a total of 33 tasks, including:
1 new feature
5 improvements
17 fixes
10 internal tasks

New Features

  • Ability to add images to specific components and screen areas


  • Ability to hide email address and mobile/desk phone number for specific users/teams

  • Change title of template field and the name of the default template, include mandatory text

  • Text change in group category selection field

  • Administration landing page title and link title changes

  • Change View more/View less to Show more/Show less


  • Security issue

  • Team members screen: Search field is too long

  • Node.js – Taxonomies & CTs should use common code for files

  • Site section autocomplete filter does not have any guidance

  • Drag to re-order needs an accessible name

  • API Group docs – Add the missing group_uuid GET /list filter

  • Issue with carousel style news on the home page

  • Changing the mobile number on a profile does not update the verification number

  • New feed lozenge overlaps icon when in mobile view

  • IE11 Drupal IPE display, Search icon, Directory, Apps doesn’t respond, Create node doesn’t display right

  • Issue with carousel style news on the home page

  • Filters are unresponsive

  • Additional UT failures on 5.5 builds

  • Search results not keeping filters applied

  • Webforms – Select options (list box) question and styling additional changes

  • Unit test failures investigation

  • Customer specific – import email notifications

  • Unable to ghostwrite a blog

Internal Tasks

  • Remove old themes

  • Change text associated with ‘Site sections’ in Administration

  • Accessibility: Feed and Notification badges

  • Change section reset text

  • Add breadcrumb to templates in Administration

  • Enable PWA functionality on customer deploy module

  • Frisby – update npm dependencies

  • Allow ALB auth to assign default role

  • Adding invotra_video module to codebase (disabled)

Through our regular release cycle, Invotra’s intranet software is always evolving.

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