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Release Note for v5.7

Released on 4 November 2020 with a total of 45 tasks, including:

  • 1 new feature with 11 tasks
  • 8 improvements
  • 21 fixes
  • 5 internal tasks

New features

This release contains the code to introduce Video functionality. This is currently disabled and consists of the following tasks:

  • View a video file title and description on a file page

  • Add video content using the WYSIWYG editor

  • Be informed when video file is ready to be used

  • Upload video from local drive to the intranet and configure video file

  • View a video file added to content using the WYSIWYG editor

  • View all available video files on the intranet

  • Interact with a video file

  • AWS API endpoint to allow polling for recently completed transcode jobs

  • URL signing service

  • Edit uploaded video

  • Fix permissions on Video functionality


  • Updated profile feed message constantly appears even when user has not updated profile

  • Responsive heading sizes (all including WYSIWYG headings)

  • Rename IPE region labels

  • Widget settings – Configuration steps in Target (Targeting)

  • Changing the layouts experience

  • Add success message when a user saves in IPE in a section

  • Text change when a user selects to Create Section

  • Add validation to user imports to check guid


  • Feeds-guid is shown in the profile page source

  • Numbered lists inconsistently won’t display in the WSYIWYG in Edge

  • Search related issue

  • Section moderators are presented with reports from outside of their section (HO sites)

  • Custom content boxes displaying double elevation when ‘Invotra card component’ style is set

  • Edit Profile/Edit content page is unavailable and can’t create new group 

  • Ideas/Query Administrators unable to download the Ideas/ Queries export to CSV file

  • Change in behaviour on homepage News widget

  • Teaser Image Setting not being read by system

  • Case sensitive file search

  • Unpublished Manuals appearing in Root Navigation Widget

  • Existing users are not getting the ‘Change password’ screen (Invotra Auth)

  • Error when bulk assigning the blogger role to all users

  • User import gets stuck

  • Groups and Group Dashboard showing incorrect results

  • Archive widget not chronological

  • Poll widget answer options not wrapping in IE

  • News widget not displaying draft content in Preview Mode

  • Wrap text on webform not working for text fields

  • Error screen when logging out on smartphone

  • Cascading permissions Error

Internal tasks

  • Team Branding (available to admins only)

  • Fix unit test failures

  • Remove invotra_fulltest_agg from indexes where possible

  • Customer unit test failure

  • Warning in logs 5.7

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