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Release Note for v5.8

Released on Wednesday, 2 December 2020 with a total of 37 tasks, including:

  • 6 improvements
  • 21 fixes outside the projects
  • 10 internal tasks


  • Visual highlight too subtle

  • Updated profile feed message appears even when user has not updated their profile

  • Readability and legibility improvements for text components

  • Text change from ‘Status’ to ‘State’ and reposition in My content

  • Change search filter label from ‘Site section’ to ‘Section’

  • Add deleting a widget modal message


  • Unable to create content

  • IPE – After removing a widget users are unable to add/edit other widgets in the IPE

  • ‘Parent term’ and ‘Site section’ select menus broken

  • Manage content – ‘Add content’ button is appearing on the page

  • Default font sizes for components are being overwritten by the global font-size settings

  • Ideas/Query Administrators unable to download the Ideas/Queries export to CSV file

  • Paste functionality from Word or other content sources no longer works

  • Headings 1-6 as links now appearing in bold formatting

  • Quick Links menu: ‘amp;’ displays with ampersand

  • Linked widget title does not adopt link colour defined in branding

  • Root navigation widget – additional padding on right

  • Likes do not appear on created content

  • ‘Hide Filter’ button missing on Manage Content screen in Edge or IE

  • Webforms: Preview mode display

  • Show more button for specific tag widget

  • Unable to dismiss error message popup in Groups
    Sorting removes filter

  • Client specific – Flashing when hovering on a Benefit title in Benefit menu

  • H1 font size and tag issues

  • Client specific – Update import functionality to only delete users not provisioned via alb-auth

  • Box outline has disappeared from profile org chart

Internal Tasks

  • Switch ClamAV module to use daemon mode

  • Review z-index usage and define as variables

  • Fix unhandled exception in feeds

  • Fix to only call the clear all notifications function once

  • User_placeholder.png was removed but is still being requested

  • Ensure PWA web push is disabled on all deploy modules

  • Swagger fix github action set-env not allowed

  • Syntax error at _feeds_and_notifications.scss

  • Security update for Invotra repository – sa-core-2020-013

  • Security update for import process repository – sa-core-2020-013

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