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Release Note for v5.9

Released on Wednesday, 20 January 2021 with a total of 46 tasks, including:

  • 1 project with 3 additional fixes
  • 1 improvement
  • 17 fixes outside the projects
  • 24 internal tasks


  • Widget header settings experience


  • Font size of comments in My Feed has increased

  • Root navigation padding reduced greatly

  • Branding font size should not change the size of the elements with static size

  • Poll node – Font size and weighting has changed for the poll title

  • WYSIWYG – some icons not appearing in WYSIWYG

  • Performance issue for first user who accesses live instances each morning

  • Paste functionality from Word or other content sources no longer works

  • Webform text area height not being applied when hidden and then revealed via conditions

  • Search Highlights Reordering Bug

  • Duplicate welcome emails sent

  • Elevation effects incorrect in My feed

  • Group Polls – Questions duplicating in poll results

  • Cascading permissions Error – Manual step done. 

  • Text link for Simple search widget title

  • This taxonomy term description bug – Manual step done. DWP only

  • Optimise query when deleting a large number of groups

  • Webmaster ticket form broken link – requires a command to be run. HO only

Internal tasks

  • Improve logging and metric reporting

  • Recurring PreProd manual fixes required – Feature revert

  • Recurring PreProd manual fixes required –

  • Disable / enable external apps module

  • Investigate warnings when building css

  • Replace hard coded links/plain text output with the mdc_chips formatter

  • Improve maintainability of file access functions

  • Preprod – Piwik JS error resulting in long page loading times

  • Remove message wall index

  • Recurring PreProd manual fixes required – rebuilding css required

  • Unit test testFeaturesOverrides fails on 5.9 branches

  • Upgrade Node.js API version to latest version (4th January 2021 security update)

  • File upload taking a long time because of virus scanner increasing CPU usage – Add playbook for updating all servers

  • Do not index immediately on defined entity save

  • Drupal: Admin only widgets

  • Apps backend: Admin only panes

  • Setting file upload max on sites

  • Very intermittent 504 when saving user profile after team parent change

  • 504 When delete entities with a lot of flags / votes
    (Short term solution)

  • Disable retrieving & indexing of flags for given entities

  • Increase apache server limit to match php-fpm children

  • Enable PWA module and early release deploy modules

  • Indexing items does not respect index options in invotra_group module

  • Fix issue with solr_prototype_index not disabling index directly

  • Unit test failure in InvotraPermissionsMatrixTest

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