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Reading Borough Council Case Study

Reading's Invotra intranet designed, built and live within 21 days.

Reading Borough Council first approached Invotra in September 2018 and soon confirmed Invotra’s appointment as its preferred intranet provider.


  • Content was not easy to find or read, providing a bad user experience

  • Staff struggled to find answers to help them serve customers

  • The appearance of the intranet was not modern and therefore did not attract users

  • The Staff Directory was not very informative, making it difficult for users to find and connect with each other


  • Improve staff engagement to encourage collaborative working across departments thus improving services to the public

  • Use an intuitive product to help improve digital skills and capabilities, encouraging employees to self-serve with access to timely, relevant information

About Reading Borough

  • A local government authority with 2,000 users

  • One of 55 unitary authorities in England that are responsible for the provision of all local government services within their district

  • Collaborating with central and local government

  • Founded in 1974


Invotra initially met and signed the contract with Reading in November. By the end of the month, Invotra had met with Reading’s key stakeholders, including Communications and IT teams.

  • Immediately, Invotra and our other existing government customers welcomed Reading into our Pan Government Portal, allowing them to collaborate and benefit from the ideas and best practices our other customers shared.

  • Following on from this, Invotra were able to create Reading’s new intranet and provide them access whilst working with their IT supplier to integrate with their HR and Active Directory systems. This process would then populate their Invotra intranet with their people data that then builds out the Staff Directory and Organisation Chart features of the platform.

  • Also included within our onboarding package were detailed training and design workshops that included one to one contact between Reading and Invotra’s UX and Product team, allowing us to create an intranet that best portrayed Reading’s value and culture.

“We’re replacing our outdated intranet with a superior service which will ultimately improve services for the public, saving both time and money. The Invotra team has been great to work with, helping us deliver the new intranet within weeks. We’re looking forward to continually improving efficiencies, extending access and launching new features to benefit Reading Borough Council staff, residents and businesses.”
Reading Borough Council offices
Reading Borough Council


Reading are now using Invotra and the platform is helping staff self-serve to find answers that better help them to serve the public, and at a much faster rate.

They are benefiting from the social applications such as Groups, Message Wall, Polls, Ideas and Queries, that help to improve collaboration and engagement between staff.

Reading’s intranet also allows for them to link out to other applications in use at the council, allowing them to create a single, unified platform for staff to access everything they need to excel in their daily roles.

Learn why 45% of Civil Servants use Invotra for their intranets and portals.

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