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Economics of the cloud

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Procuring technology can be an expensive business. Globally, organisations are challenged more than ever to keep their technology modern and efficient. Yet, even today, organisations are relying on outdated practices to buy and maintain their own technology and infrastructure for non-critical services.

Opex versus Capex

One of the first decisions for an organisation planning its future intranet strategy is whether the technology of your intranet is something you want to invest in, or would you rather simply have it provided for you?

Choosing Opex

Invotra provides intranet services on a software-as-a-service basis. You simply subscribe to Invotra as a consumer might subscribe to a video streaming service. You pay only for the number of users who need to access your intranet.

As a consequence, if you choose Invotra, you will likely be able to budget for this using an operating expense methodology rather than a more traditional capital expenditure model where you invest a lot of money and resource in the development and maintenance of your our service, and then depreciate that capital expense over a number of years.

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Working with cloud providers

At Invotra, we work with well known global providers of secure cloud services to deliver our solution. We use Amazon’s AWS extensively to help power our infrastructure and lower our costs for our customers. Invotra uses AWS for everything from computing power to database provision to scalable search services. 

Learn more about our AWS powered services here.

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Delivering business value to your organisation

When you select Invotra, you’re choosing an option to deliver real business value into your organisation. You’ll be able to divert more resource to the mission critical services your organisation requires, whilst being assured that your intranet and portal are backed by the quality of Invotra. You can focus your energies on growing your market share and delivering services to your customers.

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