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Shared benefits

With a cloud intranet delivered on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, you can be sure that the costs of developing your service are spread

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Customer community

We value the input our customers can offer, working together with them to continually evolve our product and service.

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Invotra takes sharing benefits to another level. In the UK for instance, we invite our UK public sector customers to gather together quarterly to discuss and align on product roadmap suggestions. 

Together, we are breaking down silos across UK government and helping the spread the costs of UK Gov-specific intranet challenges across the whole of government.

Learn more about Invotra’s UK PanGov customer meetups here.

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Our GOV.invotra portal allows all of our UK Government customers to communicate with each other and the Invotra team. This provides each member with a unique platform in which they can share best practice. 

Not only this, but it’s also a secure place where users can ask questions, seek advice and learn from each other’s knowledge. 

Shared product development​

You are not alone, trying to develop and maintain your own intranet. When one customer gets the benefit of a product enhancement or change request, all other customers get that as well. In particular, smaller customers with limited resources will be able to benefit from the suggestions of those customers with deeper pockets.

Driven by customer needs

Developing features and functional enhancements is one key area where you can save time and money with Invotra. Invotra has a major release every two weeks. Our product roadmap is largely driven by our customers. So, you can be sure that the features and enhancements that you need will either be in Invotra already or will be developed soon.

By choosing Invotra, you’ll save money on development resource. You’ll be able to deploy your development resource on more mission critical business areas for your organisation.

Read our customer case studies here. 

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Software as a Service (SaaS) savings


A SaaS intranet solution involves no up-front costs, no initial demands for hardware and no ongoing demands for maintenance or upgrades. Control your expenditure with a simple payment model of per user, per month. SaaS offers you continued savings in both resources and time. 

Read more about how a move to a SaaS intranet could benefit your organisation.

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No upfront equipment costs

Seamless upgrades