Innovative SaaS features,  customised onboarding process and stress-free data migration

Implementation is just the beginning

We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to support and help our clients.

The entire Invotra model is centred on ensuring our valued clients are consistently happy; not only through the evolution of their enterprise intranet but also by ensuring that the team behind Invotra provide the utmost in service and support – making it a joy to use every day. 

We provide a full service arrangement as part of our package – fully managed, fully hosted and updated, leaving you to ‘get on with the job’.

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SaaS removes the technical barriers smaller organisations face in starting a big technical project, such as implementing an intranet and offers larger enterprises the high service levels and ease of access they expect. Updates, upgrades, and new features can be added without interrupting your service, and without diverting your resources. Technology projects that used to start with technical architecture and installation can now skip these steps, with Invotra available as soon as the requirements have been defined.

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Our optimal set of onboarding services recognise that engaging with a new digital workplace requires careful consideration from all perspectives, from your IT and Comms teams to each of your users.

Our services can be chosen to suit you and your existing resource models. Whatever your requirements or organisational set up, we will work with your internal teams and existing partners to make sure the implementation process goes smoothly and successfully.

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No matter how large your data migration needs are, Invotra’s API system will deliver smooth migration, from any database. The ability to create an audit and review all of your content as you migrate, allows you not just to move your valuable enterprise knowledge, but to update and improve the quality and layout of all of your resources.

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Our clients expect the very best from us and we never fail to deliver. All members of staff have an ongoing commitment to ensure that, as an organisation, we adhere to industry best practice and international standards. This is why we have undertaken accreditation from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for ISO 27001:2013.

We also are proud to be part of the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) and regularly host various conferences and webinars on all things related to security. 

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