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Data migration services

No matter how large your data migration needs are, Invotra’s API system will deliver smooth migration

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Content services

The ability to create an audit and review all of your content as you migrate allows you not just to move your valuable enterprise knowledge, but to update and improve the quality and layout of all of your resources.

Whether you already have a content strategy or need to create one, we can develop comprehensive guidance with you to assist you on the process of creating a content inventory and content audit report.

This is an opportunity to assess the quality and usefulness of your content and refine and refresh how people experience your corporate and project information.

Your current content owners and subject-matter experts are the best people to support content migration, however, considering the administrative burden, others can help if the information architecture and structure guidance are clear.

Talk to us about your content migration needs – we’re sure to be able to help.

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Data migration

No matter the database, no matter the authentication protocols, we can help ensure seamless data migration, meaning Invotra can replace your legacy information systems and talk to every system within your organisation.  You can benefit from a single sign in and the ability to manage all your systems from one place. We provide credible, smooth data migration, relying on detailed data mapping, including your content, information architecture and search.

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Quality and testing

Quality testing leads to quality output. We test our code at six different stages of the project to ensure that anything which is released to the live environment is correct and doesn’t affect the user experience.  

We run a series of strict acceptance criteria on all development work in multiple environments to ensure it’s correct.  

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Intranet migration

Regardless of which platform you’re migrating from and regardless of how many platforms, we have a wealth of experience in intranet data migration that we bring to help our clients when they need it.