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Onboarding Services

Whatever your requirements are, we work with you to ensure the implementation process runs smoothly

Illustration of engagement with a new intranet

Engagement service

We recognise that a new system requires careful consideration from all perspectives. IT, Comms and your users all need to welcome and engage with the changes they will encounter. Crucially, users need to like the system and understand what it means for them, and for their roles. We will ensure your employees feel their needs have been taken onboard. Training for all roles, change management and examples for best practices in the field of requirements gathering, on-boarding, data migration are all part of our expert onboarding service. We know that successful uptake, or lack thereof, will ultimately make or break a rollout. 

Business analysis

Our business and IT expertise mean your intranet development is always considered as part of a bigger picture. We ensure, in our onboarding service process, that your Invotra intranet will fully integrate into existing systems and infrastructure, enhancing your workflows, business intelligence and productivity.

The discovery phase of the project enables our business analysts to work with you to understand your objectives and your technical architecture. This ensures a successful implementation, working directly with your project manager and stakeholders to gain a confident and full understanding of your explicit and implicit requirements.

Project management

SaaS removes the technical barriers smaller organisations face in starting a big technical project, such as implementing an intranet and offers larger enterprises the high service levels and ease of access they expect. Updates, upgrades, and new features can be added without interrupting your service, and without diverting your resources. Technology projects that used to start with technical architecture and installation can now skip these steps, with Invotra available as soon as the requirements have been defined.


Built with the users in mind, the intuitive application is designed to replicate social networks that your users will find familiar. However, we provide training to ensure your organisation is confident throughout the implementation and continued use of Invotra.


We will work with you throughout onboarding to make sure that information is easily found by your users, using a structure and navigation that reflects your organisation.

Information architecture

Information architecture is the organisation and labelling of information on your intranet. 

Our flexible content management system allows the webmaster to have the ability and confidence to change the navigation and structure of the site, at no additional cost to the organisation. When we start the project we will ensure that we understand your business priorities and advise the structure and navigation to suit your organisation.

Whatever the structure of your intranet, intuitive, common-sense menus are needed to help people navigate the intranet with confidence.

Data migration

Working within your existing infrastructure, your Invotra intranet has many connector modules for working with other software, and our developers can amend or create bespoke middleware to link up with whatever databases, software or user applications. 

Offering single sign-on and authentication systems, Invotra will easily allow a unified desktop to connect and integrate all your third party and support systems. Working with your enterprise architect or senior IT manager, we will ensure Invotra adheres to your architectural specifications, models, and policies. Our Invotra service team will work with you to ensure successful integration of software and network architecture and with existing internal systems (legacy or otherwise).

Implementation support

We can work with your business teams to roll-out your new intranet in a phased or over-night manner. The Invotra onboarding service team will be beside you as you implementing new systems, train your teams, and effectively manage use.

The Invotra team provide skilled people who have ‘grown up’ with Invotra, and really know what they’re talking about and the peace of mind that our company has years of experience of large-scale enterprise architecture. We also are proud to be part of the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) and regularly host various conferences and webinars on all things related to security.

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