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For product guidance visit

Software as a Service (SaaS Intranet)

Manage your intranet, not the technology

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Invotra in the cloud means that updates, upgrades, and new features can be added without interrupting your service, and without diverting your resources.

Our SaaS service includes; application maintenance, UK-based helpdesk support, security patching, server configuration, health checks, 24/7 monitoring, provision of a test environment for client testing of updates, performance tuning & optimisation, use of ticketing system, configuration updates, account management, helpdesk, service management, maintenance, security and upgrades.

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Systems management

We pride ourselves on maintaining positive user experience by constantly monitoring your server performance.  All deploys of upgrades, bug fixes and product enhancements are managed carefully around your business demands, so the user experience isn’t affected. We take every measure to ensure that the user experience is always a good one.

Our service level agreement provides you with a secure, stable platform, working securely across GSI and PSN. Be reassured you can upgrade, scale and maintain with ease, relying on our dedicated UK based help-desk, server maintenance and through monthly service reviews and life cycle commercial management. 

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Open source technology

We use open source technology in everything we do. When designing Invotra we constantly challenge ourselves to evaluate every feature. Functionality no longer considered useful is removed, so that the primary functions are given centre stage. The development process leads to a system which is easy to use, whoever you are. Users can find their way around it easily, editors can publish and manage their workflow effectively and webmasters can change the look and design of the system to match the organisational changes.

Invotra delivers responsiveness and modern technical architecture which is standards compliant and browser agnostic. As an open source stack SaaS platform, with open interfaces and Single Sign On it is also secure to IL3 for UK Government risk assessment.

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Product development

Your teams will work faster if their workspace is unified and consistent across departments, countries, teams and business applications.  We provide a seamless, uninterrupted user experience that organisations can rely on. Invotra puts the employee and business needs first. The lab is always busy, the product team is constantly innovating – enhancing features, designing new features and applications, fixing bugs, testing user experience and of course, security. Enterprise customers have a dedicated Account Manager who will discuss the updates with your Intranet Manager. Applications are switched on, based on your organisation’s requirements. To ensure your working day isn’t affected, software updates are released every two weeks after close of business. 

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Regardless of which platform you’re migrating from and regardless of how many platforms, we have a wealth of experience in enterprise data migration that we bring to help our clients when they need it.

We also are proud to be part of the Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP) and regularly host various conferences and webinars on all things related to security. 

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Service and support

We pride ourselves on doing everything we can to support and help our clients. The entire Invotra model is centered on ensuring our valued clients are consistently happy; not only through the evolution their enterprise intranet but also by ensuring that the team behind Invotra provide the utmost in service and support – making it a joy to use every day. We provide a full service arrangement as part of our package – fully managed, fully hosted and updated, leaving you to ‘get on with the job’.

List of core components including Drupal CMS, Search, Analytics, UI and UX, IA, SSO, webserver, database, caching and monitoring


The Invotra Platform is a world-class and proven open-source technology platform that supports the Invotra Product application layer. It provides all the core components that our clients need to use in order to build in-house or use 3rd party applications that are seamlessly integrated with the Invotra application. Comprised of a rich stack of open source software that is constantly pushing the boundaries of performance, security and stability, it provides the perfect environment to enable rapid, stable development deployed into your enterprise. The stack utilises a wide range of applications such as SELinux, Drupal, Solr, Apache, Memcache, MySQL, Nagios to provide the perfect delivery environment all built on a secure cloud infrastructure.