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Sierra Club Case study

Integrating with Salesforce to help authenticate 600k members of Sierra Club

Invotra has integrated with Salesforce to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for its US customer, Sierra Club, allowing employees and members to effortlessly access their Invotra intranet by logging in to their Salesforce accounts.


  • The user roles people held on Salesforce had to control the access/permissions they would have on Invotra

  • As part of the project, Invotra would need to develop portal functionality to accommodate Sierra Club’s external members, supporters and volunteers to make sure that those users have controlled access to the intranet

  • Invotra had to provide users with access to the platform from any location via mobile devices

About Sierra Club

    • Founded by Scottish-American conservationist John Muir in 1892

    • An environmental organisation that is committed to helping people explore, preserve and protect the planet

    • 3 million active supporters, 600,000 members


Sierra Club wanted employees and members to be able to sign up and automatically have access to an Invotra account without a manual process. Invotra needed to integrate with Salesforce, providing a seamless login experience for both internal and external users.


Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is a protocol that is commonly used for SSO. This enables users to sign into Invotra using their Salesforce login. Salesforce is used as an Identity Provider (IDP) and Invotra is configured as the Service Provider (SP). This means that the Invotra platform is a connected application within Salesforce for Sierra Club’s users. The end user logs in to Invotra 1 of 2 ways:

  1. When logging into a user’s Salesforce account, Invotra appears as a configured connected application

  2. Users can access Invotra directly which will redirect the user to a Salesforce login page and then redirect them back to Invotra fully authenticated. If they are already logged into Salesforce, their existing session will be recognised and they will immediately be redirected to a logged-in session on Invotra

In partnership with Sierra Club, Invotra also developed extranet capabilities, Invotra Portal, which is an integral part of Sierra Club’s digital strategy. This secure extranet capability allows members and supporters proportionate access (controlled by Sierra Club’s intranet management team) to timely, relevant and engaging content, as well as the opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded supporters in groups and documents.

"It was important to us to have Single Sign-On (SSO) across our systems and for our different volunteer bases. SSO is important for the user experience, to have one place where people can self-serve (update credit card information, addresses etc.) and access the full range of our digital promotional tools...’’
Chief Innovation Director, Sierra Club
Chris Thomas
Chief Innovation Director, Sierra Club


Sierra Club’s users could now seamlessly log in to their Invotra platform using SSO. This reduced the effort needed from end users, improving their user experience. SSO provides an extra layer of security because users don’t have to remember as many passwords.