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Our monthly round-up of Invotra’s latest news for April 2019.

This month, we are proud to announce another guest interview with Justine Young, Intranet Project Lead at Stevenage Borough Council, on driving positive change with a new intranet. This insightful interview touches on the challenges that Stevenage faced before they came on board and how implementing Invotra has changed the way they work.

Secondly, over the last few months, we have worked very hard to put together a report detailing the state of digital communications in UK local government. We hope this resource will allow people within local authorities to assess the state of their digital communications and enable digital evolution for their organisations.

Additionally, on the 13th of February, we were delighted to host one of our partners – Rackspace – who came in for a great day of filming and collaborating with our team. The video focuses on “telling the Invotra story” and how Rackspace helps us to serve over 45% of central government.

Finally, it is a very exciting week for the Invotra team, with Sinead Hunt, Paul Zimmerman and Ross Blythe all attending Intra.NET reloaded in Boston (4th-5th of April) for two days of learning about “Building a Digital Workplace that delivers tangible business outcomes”. Come along to our “relaxation station” at stand 3 for a selection of English chocolates, complimentary tea and coffee, and charging chairs to top up your phones and laptops

Justine Young

Interview with Justine Young, Intranet Project Lead at Stevenage Borough Council, on driving positive change with a new intranet

This month we have a fantastic interview with Justine Young, on how introducing a new intranet has allowed them to re-shape the way they work, by changing workforce culture and fostering engagement.

Their old intranet consisted of a directory with an A-Z of staff information and very basic organisational information, it was also a severe security risk due to its age. There were roughly 20 thousand pages to migrate and due to the need for an interim solution, Justine and her team had a huge task ahead of them.

In the interview, Justine details the challenges they faced in moving to a new intranet, how these were overcome, and what benefits Stevenage has seen since their new intranet went live. It is always great for us to hear first hand how we are helping people to change the way they work.

Read the interview here

Local Government report graphic

Local Government digital communications report

Over the past few months, we have performed research, via Freedom of Information (FOI) requests online, to establish an accurate picture of local government digital communications.

The report, which was released on the 14th of March, allowed Invotra experts to identify three key challenges within local government of -Improving digital skills, Staff engagement and Serving the public.

We were clearly able to see the varying levels of investment in employee engagement by UK local authorities, showing an awareness of the importance of investing in a digital workplace strategy to help ensure the delivery of improved council services for the public.

Download the report here

Re-inventing the way enterprise works with Invotra and Rackspace

As a SaaS provider, Invotra needs to be able to rapidly scale up and down in order to support our enterprise customers. However, we don’t just offer software as a service, we provide software with great service, and, in order to do this, flexibility is key.

In order for us to provide the service we do to our customers, we need to be able to focus on what we excel at, and we need great providers to support us in areas where we don’t.

Rackspace has been fantastic in this capacity, their experts helped us to plan, migrate and optimise our use of the AWS cloud platform, which resulted in a bespoke environment lined up with AWS best practices, and one that can be optimised at a faster pace than Invotra was accustomed to.

Find out more here

Visit us at stand 3 for a demo to see how Invotra improves the work lives of hundreds of thousands of people on a daily basis on 4-5th April 2019 at reloaded Boston

Intra.NET reloaded Boston 2019

Finally, we are going stateside for Intra.NET reloaded this week, with Client Director – Sinead Hunt, Chief Operating Officer – Paul Zimmerman and Junior Accounts Manager – Ross Blythe headed across the pond for two days of workshops, networking and multi-touchpoint sessions.

The event, which is the leading business networking platform for all things intranet and digital workplace, gathers the cross industrial and cross-functional digital workplace community in order to give insight into the concepts, ideas and challenges relevant to the digital workplace field.

With 50+ industry leaders and 200+ senior-level experts, we can’t wait to see what we get out of it. So, come and visit us at stand 3 to see how Invotra can enable you to change the way your organisation works, and enjoy our “relaxation station” for English chocolate, tea, coffee and charging hubs to keep you going all day.

Thanks for reading – we’ll be back with Invotra news in May. 

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