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Our monthly round-up of Invotra’s latest news for March 2019

This month, we are delighted to share a recent project we carried out with our US customer, Sierra Club, to create a testimonial video about their experience with Invotra and the ways they are using our platform to communicate, engage and collaborate. 

Secondly, we are soon to be launching our report surrounding Local Government digital communications, which takes an in-depth look at the emphasis councils are placing on employee engagement and their digital workplace strategy. There is a link below where you can sign up to receive the report when it is released next week. 

Finally, National Apprenticeship Week is upon us once again! Apprenticeships have always been a huge part of what we do, and we have compiled a series of case studies on our apprentices’ success stories.

Driving digital engagement at a grassroots level: How Sierra Club uses Invotra

The Sierra Club is a 120-year-old environmental organisation that is committed to helping people explore, preserve and protect the planet. 

They implemented Invotra in 2017 as they needed a flexible and controllable platform that would take them into the newer digital era, and since then, have been able to begin to break down the geographical silos that can occur with an organisation such as the Sierra Club that has volunteer activists spanning all 50 United States. 

The video highlights who Sierra Club are, their goals and how Invotra enables them to connect their workforce and allows their members doing the real work on the ground to better communicate and engage with their constituents and peers.

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Local Government digital communications report

Over the past few months, we have performed research, via Freedom of Information (FOI) requests online, to establish an accurate picture of local government digital communications.

The report, to be released on the 14th of March, allowed Invotra experts to identify three key challenges within local government of Improving digital skills, Staff engagement and Serving the public.

The report, which clearly shows varying levels of investment in employee engagement by UK local authorities, shows an awareness of the importance of investing in a digital workplace strategy to help ensure the delivery of improved council services for the public.

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National Apprenticeship Week 2019

National Apprenticeship week 2019 is upon us, and with Invotra’s heavy involvement in the apprenticeship scheme, it has been a busy one! 

As well as attending QA’s event “A Celebration of Apprenticeships” in the House of Commons, we have compiled a collection of case studies detailing the success stories of our current and former apprentices.

The apprenticeship case studies (or “bites”) are available to help you get an understanding of exactly what an apprenticeship can offer an apprentice and an employer, and how it allows you to #BlazeATrail. 

We are also thrilled to announce that Apprenticeships Minister, Anne Milton MP, is attending the Woking office to celebrate National Apprenticeship Week and International Women’s Day with us on Friday 7th March. Anne will be engaging with our apprentices and women in tech, whilst also experiencing a tour of our accessibility lab ‘EnABLE Lab’. they need.