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Construction and facilities

Streamlining decision making, collaboration and resource saving

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There is no doubt that successful, forward thinking organisations in the construction industry and facilities organisations see the power of a digital workplace as an answer to many of their cost and time saving challenges, as well as a way to foster innovation and technological revolution.

An Invotra intranet enhances your practical methods of working and ensures your current good practices are celebrated and shared by your whole organisation, while allowing you to scale with ease and without additional cost. Invotra provides solutions for organisations looking to embrace the possibilities digital workplaces provide.

Streamlining decision making, collaboration and resource saving changes, such as a paperless workflow, can transform any organisation. Providing the technology to allow secure document storage, easy to use and efficient search features and collaborative working on all content stored, an Invotra intranet can provide you with immediate results. Additionally, our innovative applications can ensure you are able to continually develop and evolve as industry advancements are made.

Save money

Ensure the appropriate resources are available and used efficiently with our IoT features. 

Coordinate resources

Provide your employees with a collaborative workplace, using remote multi-device features, to share knowledge of projects, customers and job information.

Embrace ideas

Allow your workforce to suggest and work together on ways to improve your service and product with our collaborative applications.

Invotra features to support digital transformation in construction and facilities

Our multi-media publishing features include secure governance of documentation, including version control and archiving. Meeting all of your content needs and allowing the creation of custom content types ensures producing real-time progress or quality control reports, on-going risk assessments and the analysis of organisational data is simple. All of your organisation’s knowledge and resources are also easily accessible and quick to share with cloud-based access to the latest data on your site. 

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Digital workplace

Our employee directory applications help visibly organise employees, teams and enable users to quickly and effectively communicate across agencies and teams.       

Mobile working

Mobile working is crucial in any modern organisation and with our product available in the cloud, your intranet is automatically available to every employee anywhere – securely.   


At Invotra, we take security very seriously. All members of staff have an ongoing commitment to ensure that, as an organisation, we adhere to industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organisation for Standardisation.   

Intranet of Things

Invotra’s location data incorporates BIM (Building Information Model) into its SaaS Digital Workplace offering, allowing enterprises to connect their buildings and physical resources to their employees and create new collaboration between all parts of the organisation. 

Distributed publishing

Distributed publishing enables the delegation of publishing responsibilities across your organisation, cascading author, editor and publisher permissions from onboarding, to individual section owners and outwards through your organisation.  


Give all employees the ability to submit ideas for improvements, then moderate and assign all suggested ideas to the correct teams for development into your next round of innovation.

Why Invotra?

ISO 21001:2013 certification Cert no 14593-ISMS-001

Cert no. 14593-ISMS-001

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ISO 21001:2013 certification Cert no 14593-ISMS-001

Cert no 14593-ISMS-001

UKAS ISO 9001 Accreditation.

Cert no. 14593-QMS-001

UKAS ISO 14001 Accreditation Certificate

Cert no. 14593-EMS-001