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Chief Technology/Information Officers

Fast setup, user configurable, easy integration with all existing tools ​

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As the technology landscape develops and becomes more intelligent, Chief Technology Officers (CTO) have to face new challenges, take on new roles and recognise and adapt to changes.

Keeping up with the security challenges is one of the issues CTO’s face and will continue to face as technology develops; protecting business data from security vulnerabilities is high on the agenda, as companies suffer from old-style hacker breaches and prevention becomes new focus. 

Digital transformation is another hot topic that CTO’s must consider, and while digitalisation becomes a competitive advantage, it is a slow process and presents both a challenge and an opportunity for CTO’s to become the digital leaders in their organisations and to drive the digital transformation.

Enhance data and computer security

Comply with enterprise requirements, and protect your organisation from threats, minimising organisation risk.

Support corporate flexibility and scalability

As the business evolves and business goals change, so do the requirements of your intranet and technology.

Enable effective communications

Enable staff to excel in their roles by providing them with relevant, up to date business knowledge and documentation.

Invotra features that support Chief Technology Officers

Finding an enterprise intranet that suits all of your workforces needs can be challenging, especially when other factors, such as security, play a big part. Your organisation requires a platform that has incorporates a positive user experience, boosts productivity, increases collaboration and communications as well as being secure and having an intelligent way to search the masses of information and content that is going to be stored on it. 

By choosing our out-the-box intranet product you will be able to satisfy all user needs and meet all organisational standards. Employee engagement and staff productivity will increase, as well as streamlining collaboration and utilisation of knowledge management meaning you will be able to capture, organise and retrieve corporate information, all from one easy-to-use, secure, cloud-based platform.

Communicating and collaborating apps and integrations with posts and polls from groups and message wall pictured


Collaborative Apps

Communicate instantly with your workforce using  Message Wall, Groups, blogs and more.

Single Sign-On

Improve compliance and security capabilities with single sign-on using SAML or Kerberos protocols.         


Our People, Teams and Locations searches use Apache Solr, and offer full-text and faceted search, and search landing pages for each individual directory.


Our ISO 27001:2013 certification means we adhere to industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 

Distributed publishing

Distributed publishing enables the delegation of publishing responsibilities across your organisation, cascading author, editor and publisher permissions from onboarding, to individual section owners and outwards through your organisation.   


We provide a full service arrangement as part of our package – fully managed, fully hosted and regularly updated. 

ISO 21001:2013 certification Cert no 14593-ISMS-001

Cert no 14593-ISMS-001

UKAS ISO 9001 Accreditation.

Cert no. 14593-QMS-001

UKAS ISO 14001 Accreditation Certificate

Cert no. 14593-EMS-001