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Director of Corporate Communications

Provide your users with a better way of sharing knowledge with our simple, secure intranet features ​

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As the number of channels available for communciation increases rapidly, your role demands an understanding of how to engage customers and colleagues using the most appropriate means. Ensuring well timed, accessible, engaging and informative content reaches each of your stakeholders is a challenge our features can help you meet. 

We know what is required to integrate digital communication changes, and will support you in overcoming security concerns and technical complications due to underlying architecture, devices, or network. With single sign-on and tight integration with other business apps, your employees will find Invotra a delight to use, whether at their desks or working on the train. Our in-house developers can authenticate through any security system you have in place, including Active Directory, LDAP, OAuth, and SAML, while ensuring adherence to your IT policies and standards.

Customise content with ease

Using the knowledge gained from our analytics tool, the appearance of your intranet and the content published within it can be simply and quickly updated with design and layout controls to achieve the right look and feel for your organisation.

Secure content governance

We are committed to open-source principles, keep you in control at every stage, and will not ‘lock’ your content into the system.

Fast, effective publishing

Our distributed publishing option allows you to organise publishing by section, dividing authoring, editing and publishing responsibilities up into small teams, improving the quality and speed of content creation.

Invotra features that support Directors of Corporate Communications

Customise your users’ intranet experience without the frustrations of having to always ask the vendor for a change. As a Digital Communications Manager you need to enable your team to go from concept to reality as fast as possible without the frustrations of red tape. With Invotra you get to control your interface and all the content created, from branding and fonts to information architecture and taxonomy terms.

Additionally your publishing team can retain governance of all of your content, no matter how far you scale your intranet use. Our compliance review features provide better management of your knowledge base with full revision control, and an audit trail including notes by each user who altered the state of the document.

Material Design Manage Content page with search filters and a list of all content titles, created and updated dates, authors and sections



Invotra connects to Matomo, a leading analytics system, offering unparalleled security and rich reports. Custom reports and graphs visually show you where your intranet is performing well, and what content is less popular than it might be.

Single Sign-On

Single credential security or Single Sign-On (SSO) technology makes logging into your online platforms quicker and more convenient, whilst also offering multiple other benefits to the reliability of your security.


Our brand management features ensure you’re in control, with help from our onboarding and support team, you can make necessary adjustments with ease.


Our People, Teams and Locations searches use Apache Solr, and offer full-text and faceted search, and search landing pages for each individual directory.

Mobile Branding

Our specific mobile branding features allows consistency across all devices which ensures your organisation branding is maintained regardless of how it is accessed.


Our ISO 27001:2013 certification means we adhere to industry best practice and international standards set out by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).