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Enable true collaboration

Creating effective team working across all locations and roles

Your dynamic, busy and evolving workforce need the tools to work seamlessly together, aiding each other with simple communication, information sharing and team work.

Bringing colleagues together to work on innovative projects or more informal interest sharing, wherever they are and using whatever device, our collaboration intranet software offers all a modern enterprise needs to unify its workforce.

Cooperative writing

Offer employees a simple way to share knowledge and ideas by offering a content publishing system allowing teams to produce documentation and intranet content together, working side by side to design, write content, edit and publish.

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Held in our group application, our docs offer an area for non-hierarchicalteams, in all locations, the ability to collaborate on, and contribute to, documentation. Docs also provide an archive for all of a group’s important information,

Controls can be placed on access and files easily stored in folders. Easily located using our fast, targeted search, your employees’ inboxes and desktops are freed up from providing storage.

Document management

Invotra Intranet offers multiple content types to meet your organisation’s publication needs. Our content types include news, general information pages, manuals, forms and policies plus the ability to create custom content types.

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Give your users the power to create self organising digital conversations. initiating discussions with individual posts, replying and interacting with others who have posted, and collaborating on content using Invotra Group Docs.

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Survey management

Allowing you to simply create and distribute professional questionnaires and forms, across your whole organisation or within specific groups, using our customisable webforms or with our polls application. Easily analyse data from your survey, from results to the participants, on our in-built dashboards.

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