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Collaboration in the workplace isn’t a new topic. When organisations fail to communicate effectively enough to their staff, they become frustrated, leading to misunderstandings and a decrease in overall staff morale. This can have a detrimental effect and direct impact on everyone from frontline staff to clients. Most organisations in today’s modern world can relate to each other and the difficulties they face regarding the ‘Silo effect’. Productivity suffers because teams and departments within an organisation don’t comunicate effectively enough with each other.        

Increase organisational loyalty

One-third of employees claim that having the ability to collaborate with others, drives their loyalty to their organisation. 

Develop employee skills 

Collaborating strengthens your employees’ skillsets, as employees learn from each other and strengthen cross-departmental relationships. 

Spark innovation 

Collaboration within an organisation offers various diverse perspectives for problem solving and sparks innovation.

Invotra features to enable collaboration

Employee engagement not only equals a happier workforce it represents an educated one. Having a collaborative workforce will naturally cultivate a sense of community amongst employees, which drives them to go beyond the expectations of their role. They actively want to absorb as much organisational knowledge as they can to ensure they’re viewed as valuable and can assist with important decision making. 

Social intranets aren’t about socialising, they’re about collaborating and we can offer you everything you’d expect from a modern, social intranet, to build bridges across silos and empower people to work together. By introducing a social intranet and allowing your users to collaborate through multiple channels you will see productivity in the organisation increase rapidly. 

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My Feed – Keep users up to date with all the latest relevant activities and communications from colleagues, teams and groups.

Message Wall – Share instant micro-news updates with your colleagues using Invotra Message Wall.

Groups – Give your users the power to create self organising digital conversations. initiating discussions with individual posts, replying and interacting with others who have posted, and collaborating on content using Invotra Group Docs.

Search – Our People, Teams and Locations searches use Apache Solr, and offer full-text and faceted search, and search landing pages for each individual directory.

Polls – Capture the opinions of all of your colleagues with easy to create polls, showing instant results.

Events – Advertise and invite colleagues to upcoming events with Invotra Events.