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Intranet analytics

Insights to inform better decision making, communication strategies and productivity​

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It’s about engagement and usefulness

Invotra comes with built-in intranet analytics thanks to Matomo, the leading analytics system offering unparalleled security and rich reports.

You want to go beyond ‘hits’ and understand what people find relevant, and what seems difficult or less useful. 

Custom reports and graphs visually show you where your intranet is performing well, and what content is less popular than it might be. This sort of feedback enables you to roll-out evidence-based improvements to your intranet navigation and content. And of course your stakeholders and content authors will want to track stats and KPIs, helping to inform your intranet strategy.

Make big data decisions using real live intelligence

Your intranet and portal are the perfect places to gather real business intelligence.  With thousands of employees saving, creating, publishing, commenting or documents, forums and feeds every day, you have a constant stream of live data to analyse.  

You’ll be able to identifying trends and patterns in your intranet analytics to better understand your customers as well as employee engagement and the system transactions.  

This intelligence will provide insights into your business that can inform better decision making, communication strategies and productivity efficiencies to save your organisation time and money.

We will work with you to ensure the Big Data infrastructure in Invotra works for your organisational needs, so that you have a responsive tool that is powerful enough to search and analyse the data when you need it.

Analytics showing tope message types, a message wall counter and top locations