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Intranet search

Provide the exact knowledge your workforce needs

Enterprise search - Search bar

Your employees often don’t have time to spare to browse the intranet home page and menu options for the information they require. Failing to find the knowledge they need quickly can be frustrating and, unless they can trust that the search their intranet provides will save them valuable time in locating a resource, they will quickly start to store information and resources elsewhere.

Invotra search provides an accurate, super quick search, that can be positioned within all areas of the site, to make navigation natural and make users confident that they can find the information they need, when they need it.

Search everything within your organisation

Solr can be integrated with almost any kind of business application, providing a reliable, organisation wide search, across your Digital Workspace.

Blazing fast search

Apache Solr naturally offers full-text search, faceted search, and near real-time indexing. 

Ensure relevance

The search engine results page can be customised to highlight the information and meta-data you believe is most relevant to your business, helping people click the best result.

Intranet search features

Provide your employees with a ‘magic’ search, that always returns the results your users require. Invotra search can be tailored to meet all of your organisations demands and to ensure your intranet works with your employees to simplify and speed up everyday tasks and more complicated projects.

Your organisation may require a search to recognise that users have various terms that are interchangable, or the need to provide certain users, on specific areas of the site, with results that only match certain criteria. All of this is easily achievable with the search features on offer with an Invotra intranet.

Search features

Search Synonyms

Our search uses an industry standard list of synonyms and allows organisationally relevant bi-directional search synonyms to be set by administrators to ensure nothing is missed.

Search highlights

Content can be promoted to the top of any search without impacting search bias, ensuring vital organisational knowledge reaches the widest audience possible.  

People search

Our people search enables staff to search through thousands of people in minutes, driving better social engagement and improving user experience.

Search display settings

Control how search results are displayed with limits on the number of results shown and the type of results included.