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Managing content

Creating and managing engaging intranet content​

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Your intranet content needs to match the values and ambitions of your organisation. You may have large volumes of content to import, or need the content to be newly created, either way, any new enterprise social network needs to fit with your demands and allow easy onboarding and governance. Creating an intranet and portal your users find useful, are excited about contributing to, and one that provides simple, easy to use tools to collaborate on, is exactly what Invotra’s content management features, supported by Drupal, provide. 

An intranet custom-made for all your requirements

Supported by Drupal’s core modules with a variety of add-ons, Invotra includes all the social features you expect and, should your organisation have unique requirements, we can find or create the right module for you.

Delegate publishing responsibilities

Our distributed publishing option allows you to organise publishing by section, dividing authoring, editing and publishing responsibilities up, improving both the quality and speed of content creation.

Governance throughout the publishing process

Providing much more than ‘out of the box’ features, we can ensure Invotra matches your needs while still keeping everything simple. We are committed to open-source principles, keeping you in control at every stage, and will not ‘lock’ your content into the system.

Intranet content management features

Using Drupal, an established open source solution, provides our robust digital workplace with flexibility and scalability. Relied upon by renowned organisations, including Oxford University, the Whitehouse, and, Drupal has been maintained by a global community of developers since 2001, and the Invotra team has contributed to the code base since 2005, actively sponsoring and developing Drupal’s functionality. Allow our Drupal based solutions and features to solve your content management challenges.

Allowing content to be created by a much greater team of publishers, while maintaining clear and effective controls and reviews of content by site managers, our content management features meet the demands of any size organisation, and enable your intranet to evolve and scale with simplicity. 

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Managing content

Distributed publishing

Our distributed publishing enables the delegation of publishing responsibilities across your organisation, cascading author, editor and publisher permissions from your on boarding team, to individual section owners and outwards through your organisation.

Review actions

Invotra will notify reviewers when their input is needed, and help ensure there’s no out-of-date material online. Publishing news, project updates, and reference material can become an everyday part of people’s roles – without needing constant support from your IT department.

Custom content

Content types can be created by your publishing team to meet organisational needs and ensure content is categorised effectively. Meeting your business goals and your audience’s needs your content can be shaped to retain your existing users’ interest and attracting new users.

Owners and editors

Maintain control of content when staff members leave or new roles are assigned. All content can be created with both editing roles and ownership roles to ensure when a piece of content needs reviewing the owner will be informed and any changes can be made by the publishing team.

Version control

Ensure every change made to content is tracked, along with who made the change, why they made it, and references to problems fixed, or enhancements introduced.  


Give your users the power to create self organising digital conversations. initiating discussions with individual posts, replying and interacting with others who have posted, and collaborating on content using Invotra Group Docs.