Mobile working

Secure access on any device, anytime and anywhere

Image of Invotra mobile app in use on an Iphone X

Invotra is in the cloud so that every intranet user can take advantage of mobile working. They can keep up to date with all the news, policies and manuals, as well as access your internal systems with a single, secure login. All of the collaboration tools are also available on our app so that teamwork and progress never stops.

Increase availability

With mobile technology now ubiquitous, staff can access work files and documents from almost any location and keep in constant contact with the office. 

Improve business continuity

The adoption of mobile solutions can help businesses maximise revenues and avoid losses when faced with unexpected events.

Meet your users' needs

Mobile working allows for more time spent with others, meaning your team will feel appreciated, empowered and supported, and therefore stress levels will drastically reduce. 

Invotra features to enable mobile working

Mobile working is crucial in any modern organisation and with our product available in the cloud, your intranet is automatically available to every employee anywhere – securely. Your staff can keep up to date with all organisational news and log into any internal system with the same single, secure login that they use on desktops in the office. Collaborating with your team on documents or policies has the same functionality to comment, edit and publish as your desktop. Access Invotra from home or from anywhere; we’ve designed it to be responsive with mobiles and tablets in mind ensuring your experience using our product is consistent wherever you are.  

Mobile branding settings

Mobile working tools

Single Sign-On

Single credential security or Single Sign-On technology makes signing in to your intranet the quickest and most convenient option while remaining totally secure.

Mobile branding

Get your brand right across all of your official channels. This consistency is an essential way of establishing the care and quality of your product and service.


Keep users up to date with all the latest relevant activities and communications from colleagues, teams and groups.

Social and collaboration

All of our social features, such as groups and message wall, allow your users to stay connected to the organisation wherever they are.