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Stevenage Borough Council Case Study

Stevenage launch Invotra Portal for councillors to collaborate on their intranet.

Invotra’s customer, Stevenage Borough Council, had a need to provide secure and restricted access to their councillors who access the intranet platform to see content that is specifically relevant to them.


Stevenage Borough Council wanted to deliver specific and targeted content to their elected officials and therefore needed a product that could meet their needs, whilst staying within budget.


Stevenage Borough Council wanted to provide their councillors with access to the MySBC intranet, that would allow them to collaborate with the overall organisation in a controlled and flexible manner.

A councillor’s (sometimes called members) primary role is to represent their ward or division and the people who live in it. Councillors provide a bridge between the community and the council. They have a responsibility for the whole community but they have a special responsibility to represent their ward constituents.


  • Content was not easy to find or read, providing a bad user experience

  • Staff struggled to find answers to help them serve customers

  • The appearance of the intranet was not modern and therefore did not attract users

  • The Staff Directory was not very informative, making it difficult for users to find and connect with each other


  • Improve staff engagement to encourage collaborative working across departments thus improving services to the public

  • Use an intuitive product to help improve digital skills and capabilities, encouraging employees to self-serve with access to timely, relevant information

About Stevenage Borough

  • A local government authority with 750 users

  • Closely integrated with East Hertfordshire Council

  • Shared IT services with on-premise Active Directory

  • Collaborating with central and local government


With Invotra Portal, you are able to provide external users controlled access to your intranet. Stevenage can engage and communicate with end users, partners and suppliers, being in complete control of access and permissions.

The external users for Stevenage immediately have:

  • Access to their own customisable homepage, configurable by the intranet’s webmaster(s)

  • Access to Invotra Groups where they can collaborate and engage

  • Access to chosen content such as manuals, policies and news

  • The ability to customise their own profile page

  • Targeted information architecture based on their permissions

"Our employees can’t wait to get quick and easy access to up-to-date information which helps them provide great services for the people and organisations within Stevenage. In particular, for employees who are largely off site and don’t have a desk or computer, like refuse collectors, they can now access the intranet on their mobiles anytime and anywhere.’’
Richard Protheroe
Richard Protheroe
Assistant Director for Corporate Services and Transformation, Stevenage Borough Council


Invotra Portal enables Stevenage to allow secure access to their MySBC intranet. In using Invotra Portal, Invotra aimed to meet the customer’s desire to provide an overall different view and experience of the site but at the same time maintaining the same core values Stevenage Borough Council wanted to embed

Content such as news and policies can now be targeted specifically to these councillors, ensuring they have the right information at the right time.

This feature also allows the councillors to communicate with other end users through our groups application. With real time notifications and @mentioning functions, councillors are able to quickly question, update and discuss any form of information with other users across the council.

Giving access to external users has allowed Stevenage to grow and include all of their staff within their intranet, removing barriers to communications.

With a centralised system that is used by all, messages and business cases have been easier to implement and communicate.

Learn why 45% of Civil Servants use Invotra for their intranets and portals.

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