Blockchain mining simplified

Blockchain mining is initially difficult to understand but actually, it's quite simple. Let's start off with a simple view of Blockchain mining. I want to put a transaction on the blockchain to register permanently that something has occurred in a way that is verifiable by anyone with access to the blockchain. This transaction can be … Continue reading Blockchain mining simplified

Intranets using Blockchain

Intranets are by design internally facing applications and "the blockchain" is inherently public, so how can these two work together? First lets distinguish between blockchain and "the blockchain", blockchain is a technology that can be used in a variety of ways, including having a completely private blockchain, what we all refer to as "the blockchain" … Continue reading Intranets using Blockchain

Digital workplace and the blockchain

Blockchain introduces a whole new paradigm to the digital workplace. We can now look at introducing new levels of transparency and openness to organisations, while this is particularly interesting to those currently looking at public organisations it's potential impact with private corporations can be seen as equally and possible more impactful. What we gain is … Continue reading Digital workplace and the blockchain