Christmas Party 2014

We started the night in the office with everyone dressing up into their suitably themed Ping-Pong outfits - ranging from a ping-pong ball bride, “Batman", 118 team and many a retro get-up! We all played a few games of table tennis and beer pong to warm up, whilst enjoying a few drinks. Batman also tested … Continue reading Christmas Party 2014

iO1 celebrates 10 years of success

iO1, the company behind Invotra, recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary with an action packed team day. Here’s how it all panned out. The day began with a reminder of where iO1 all started, in Fintan & Allie’s garage! This included bacon sandwiches, amazing personalised cakes and champagne for everyone, all while Fin and Jonnie … Continue reading iO1 celebrates 10 years of success