Our new features and improvements – 4.46 release summary

We released Invotra 4.46 on Wednesday 16th January 2020 In this release we...Improved the navigation of the groups app for assistive software users. Enhanced usability of content creation by simplifying "create post" interactionExtended the customisation of the primary menuExpanded API capabilities by allowing users' authnames to be included in the API  Improved navigation in Groups for … Continue reading Our new features and improvements – 4.46 release summary

Using integrations to supercharge design workflow

It’s been a busy few weeks and I am in the process of defining the scope of an exciting new project with the Product team at Invotra. Part of the initial work is creating a schedule of work and an inventory of all of the intranet screens and screen-related components that will form the scope … Continue reading Using integrations to supercharge design workflow

Why we are living in a Material world

Today as we cast our eyes across the digital landscape we see websites and web apps that have the Material Design framework at their core. We have moved from being purely consumers of Google products such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Drive and Slides etc in our day-to-day lives to building our very own products … Continue reading Why we are living in a Material world

An introduction to APIs

An introduction to APIs APIs are nothing new in the software development world, but the recent outbreak of cloud, mobile and progressive web app technologies has caused a surge in their popularity, especially web-based APIs. What is an API? API stands for “application programming interface”. The keyword here being “interface”, i.e. providing a method of … Continue reading An introduction to APIs

Reinventing your QA strategy

Creating an effective QA strategy can be difficult for any organisation. This can become even more of a challenge as your company and product begin to scale. The temptation is to throw more resources and people at the problem, however, without a solid strategy, the chances of scaling your QA team successfully are slim. In … Continue reading Reinventing your QA strategy