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The impact of coronavirus on the workforce

Are your communication and digital solutions fit for purpose?

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Our survey has now closed. We are currently preparing our findings to create a comprehensive report on the impact of the coronavirus the workforce.

Compiling the opinions of Communications, HR, IT/Tech and Strategy professionals, the report will give an understanding of how successfully digital solutions are being adapted to manage the challenges of organising and supporting staff to work effectively from home.

To receive a copy of our comprehensive report based upon detailed analysis of the findings please submit your details below and we will send you a digital copy as soon as it is pubished.

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Invotra is passionate about helping organisations to achieve a great experience for 100% of users. For over 5 years, Invotra has been solving communications and collaborations challenges for the public sector, currently supplying services to over 47% of UK civil servants as well as local authorities and ALBS.

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